I Love You.

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Harry's POV

From Cupcake 💞
Harry.. I want to talk to you... Come to my home, please...

As soon as I read the message I told my mom and started walking towards Louis' home.

A lot of things are happening now and I know Louis is very much hurt. It's because of Emily. Well, you can't exactly blame her cause he didn't express his feelings to her and now she got a boyfriend. Louis' feeling for her increased so damn much and now he's hurting himself by thinking about it again and again.

Yes, I too had feelings for him but I just thought I was being over-possessive and affectionate towards him and it was nothing but friendship so I pushed the thoughts away. I even started to see some of the pretty girls in our school, unfortunately, it didn't work out so I pushed away those feeling too.

Now seeing Louis hurting himself hurts me too. He shouldn't be doing this.

I reached his house and went inside to see Jay getting ready to go out somewhere.

"Hi, sweetie." Jay came and kissed my forehead and I gave her a small smile.

"Going out somewhere?"

"Yeah, I have some important work to do." Jay sighed. "Louis' bit off and he wouldn't talk about it to me." I could feel the sadness in her voice.

"You know about him. Don't worry, I'll take care." I hugged her. She mumbled a small thank you and went off.

I went to Louis' room and knocked. There was a second of silence and a small voice called out.


I opened the door and went inside to see Louis sitting in the corner of his room and crying. Tears were in his eyes but he tried to look brave. My heart was broken at the sight of him like this. I went near and sat next to him. Immediately he wrapped his arms around me as few more tears rolled down his cheeks.

"I can't take it.. anymore, Haz. I don't know if. I-I love her or not but seeing her with another guy who is not me.. is so painful...." Louis said in between his cry. I tried not to cry, seeing him like this was like stabbing myself.

"Shh. it's okay, Boo. It'll be alright, I don't know when but it will be soon. I'm here with you.." I comforted him as his hold became tighter.

"It's all because of me. I'm not brave enough to tell my feelings for her... I'm so pathetic and ugly!" Louis blamed himself. I shook my head and pulled away so that I could see his face. I cupped his cheeks and wiped his tears with my thumb.

"Hey, there's nothing ugly about you." I breathed out. "You are stronger than you think. You are the bravest and strongest person I have ever seen. And you are not pathetic, you are insanely incredible! You care for the people you love, what else do you need? That's more than enough. I can't see you hurting yourself, Boo... Remember I'll be always there with you..."

Louis was looking straight into my eyes as if what I'm saying to him was not true and I was mesmerized by his bright sapphire blue eyes as the world around us was long forgotten.

He was the first to broke our intense stare as I took my hands from his cheeks.

"Thanks, Hazza," Louis said genuinely and I just shrugged it off with a smile. Then Louis was gonna into his deep thoughts and the silence was quite uncomfortable.

"What are you thinking about..?" I whispered even though there was no one in the room.

"Nothing.." Louis trailed off and then again neither of us talked. We just sat there on the floor. There were so many things going on in his mind right now and he again lied to me. I don't know what to do with his guy whom I call my 'best friend'.

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