Chapter 3

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Sleep eluded me for most of the night, my mind drifting back to Levy. And when I finally did fall asleep it wasn't for long.

Finally giving up as the sun peeked through my window I got out of bed. 'No clothes.' I groaned. I shuffled out of my room and almost collided with a blue haired maid.

"Good morning Gajeel." she said with a smile. "Uh morning Levy." I muttered. She smiled again and I noticed she had a trey of food in her hands. My stomach rumbled making her giggle. That was a wonderful sound.

"Looks like I'm just in time." she gently pushed past me into the bedroom and set the trey on the table. I followed her back in and she bowed. "Enjoy your breakfast!" she turned to leave but I gently grabbed her arm. It was smooth and cool to the touch.

She turned and looked back at me as I quickly let go. "Uh would you mind staying and talking for awhile?" I asked, feeling my cheeks eat up slightly. 'Wait am I blushing?! Get ahold of yourself Redfox!'

She smiled,"I would love to, but I have chores to do. I will be glad to come back once I'm done. And maybe I can help you and Mr.Fullbuster." I was disappointed but I nodded and she left.

After I ate I again left the room and knocked on Greys door. "Come on Grey lets get started." I called. I had my repair case in my hand, glad I brought it last night.

He opened the door as he yawned."Yeah yeah I'm up." We walked down the long hallways till we came upon the entrance hall again. Siegrain was waiting. "Good morning gentlemen. Are you ready to begin?" He asked. He seemed different this morning but I couldn't put my finger on it, so I shrugged it off.

I nodded and he led us into what used to be the dinning hall but the large table had been moved aside. Now two small round tables sat with a chair at each. There were about thirty servants in the room as well. I sighed at set my case on the table and sat in the chair.

I motioned for a wooden maid to step forward. She stopped in front of me and held out her arm. I could see where constant ware had worn away at the joints and made the arm almost useless. Her legs looked the same and I could see minor burns on her fingers.

I pulled up another chair and motioned her to sit. As she did I called to Grey. "Your just watching today, I don't want you making things worse." he frowned but didn't argue.

The morning passed by slowly. By noon I had only managed to fix nine of them. The damages to some were awful and I didn't know how they went so long like that. I sat back and rubbed my eyes. A small hand on my shoulder caused me to look up.

"Told you I'd be back." Levy said with that wonderful smile. "Maybe it's time you take a break." I sighed. "I would love to but there is still a lot to be done."

She giggled. "I'm sure Mr.Fullbuster can take care of things while you take a break." Grey looked overjoyed at the idea. I sighed and pointed my finger at him." I swear if I come back and-" He held up his hands. "I swear I will not make any of them worse."

I groaned but allowed Levy to pull me away. She pulled me outside to the courtyard and around to the garden. There were flowers everywhere and large trees, some bearing fruit. She released my hand and I found myself slightly disappointed but shook my head. "So why did you bring me out here?"

"Well you looked stressed and I know this place calms me down. So I was hoping it would do the same for you." She smiled at me and sat herself below a large Sakura tree.

I sat beside her and leaned back, closing my eyes. "Your not going to sleep on me are you?" Levy said with a giggle. "Nope. Just resting my eyes." I said even as i tried to hide a yawn. Another giggle.

I frowned at her," so how do you like working here?" I asked, trying to start a conversation. "It's alright I guess. It's just cooking and cleaning all day and night." She shrugged. "What you never get a day off?"

She shakes her head,"We are only tools,"she said sadly."We don't need to sleep or eat so why would we need rest? Though once we finish the days chores we do get to spend the day how we want. But he usually finds things for us to do."

Her face was so sad, it looked like if she could she would have cried. Without really thinking I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her into my side. She looked up at me with a questioning look. "I don't like seeing that sad look on your face... So how about once we are both done with our work everyday... We get together like this.."

My face felt like it was on fire so I looked away from her. I heard her giggle then I felt her rest her head on my chest. "I would love that"

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