Chapter:22 ~ Carefully (Part I)

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Note: MATURE CONTENT below. I think the majority of the chapter is MATURE. Reader's curiosity agains get higher.

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Ariana's POV:

'Eat me.', I let out a moan when his lips pressed against my neck.

I want him now. I can freely feel that this man is mine and only mine. He belongs to me just like I belong to him. I want to feel him right now. No misunderstandings and no more doubts. He is my husband and I trust him. He wants some time to share some more things with me and I want to give him his time. I will not force him to tell everything. He will make everything perfect and I trust him.

Xavier, my husband.

His lips travelled down to my throat and grazed up to my chin, to taste every inch without leaving his lips from my skin. He reached to my lips and showered his possession on me. No waiting for any simple smooch, he just entered my mouth to hover my tongue with his taste. My hands are grazing on his back and in his hair because of his touch and taste on me.

He has hovered my body with his. He is maintaining his distance with my wound. But he still managed to make this so erotic for my body to get arouse.

He pulled away his lips making me moan louder this time. He placed his head inside the crook of my neck and took a bite of my skin. His left hand arrested my right on the bed while he increased the power of his bite on my skin.

He pulled away to look into my eyes. He gave his very cute and very sexy smile to make my body to prepare for its orgasm. He again hovered my lips with his and took bites on my lips making me moan much louder this time.

He straightened himself on his knees while he stared at me. He unbuttoned his shirt giving a wink to me.

'I need your help to get this sweater away from you.', He said as he came closerto my face. My cheeks felt hot to his statement. I can't back-out. It was me who wanted him.

I shifted as he carefully take out the sweater from me. He threw it on the floor beside the bed. He admired my upper half with his amused eyes. I felt shy as I was completely naked behind that sweater which is no more on me.

He leaned again over my face and kissed me with all passion and hunger. I felt a weird sensation in my stomach when he touches me anywhere. As if something grows inside it and made arch and then stops to settle down again.

He came down to my breasts and placed a kiss between them. My tips are hard and swollen by his very first kiss and he seems to enjoying them with his tongue.

I moaned louder when he took my tips in between his teeth and pulled them against my breasts.

He gets very excited with my moans and repeated his acts with more hunger and passion. He went a little lower to my stomach and placed small kisses and bites leaving my skin around my wound. His hands pulled down my pyjamas. He took it out completely and I was lying completely naked in front of him.

His eyes made love to my body just by admiring it with amusement.

He kissed my inner thigh giving my body an ecstatic pleasure by his touch.

Oh God! He is teasing me. He is making incomplete touch with my skin. My body seems to lose its patience.

'Xavier...please...', I tried to speak between my moans and panting breath, while he stopped to lock his gaze with mine.

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