Chapter 1: Lost & Found

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Just another, slow, boring day at work

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Just another, slow, boring day at work. When were you going to get a new assignment from your boss? you had no idea. Your camera sitting on the table of your desk, calling out to you. Just itching to be used. You thought life was great, after graduating from university in photography and journalism. Getting an amazing job at one of the biggest newspaper companies in Korea. You were more than ready to begin diving into the job. But your expectations were quickly washed away as your usual work day consisted of you sorting files at your desk, impatiently waiting for an assignment.

In your past year of working here, you had only been on ten assignments. You were as your other trusty work companion but they got assignments alright, times ten. Maybe it was just the fact that you were new and maybe not as trustworthy but it's been a year, come on.

You groggily walked down the bustling streets making sure not to bump into anyone in the process. You hastily looked around in an attempt to find a break in the crowd or a less crowded area but to your dismay, there was no such thing during rush hour.

An agonising half hour of walking later you arrived in front of your office building, slightly puffed out from the trip. You held up your wrist to read the time, five minutes late.

Dam and you woke up early for once too.

You sighed in defeat, you would never beat the crowds in the morning no matter how early you got out. You presumed your walk into the building, seeing a male heading straight in your direction out of the building. Looking like he was going to move out of the way for you to walk past, you continued on but your theory was wrong. He didn't but instead bumped into your shoulder. It would have been a full-on collision if you didn't have fast instincts and mwhen you read that he wasn't going to move out of the way for you.

"Geez." You scoffed under your breath as he continued to walk forward, not even giving you a glance back as he walked across the street. "Rude." You tired and slightly frustrated state making you more salty towards the male which was hidden under a black hood.

Why was he in such casual clothing in when he was coming out of the office anyway?

You continued to gawk at the figure, glaring him down until his figure could no longer be seen anymore. "Who you looking at?" Someone jumped out and shouted into your ear. Causing you to jump back slightly whilst gasping in shock.

"SOOMI." You breathed out, clutching your chest as your heartbeat sped up.

"Hehehe got you." She squinted her eyes and continued to look in the direction of where you were looking previously. "So what were you looking at?"

"This guy bumped into me and didn't even take the time to apologise." You huffed angrily, frowning in the process.

"You get angry at the smallest things." She scolded. "Keep that up and your going to get wrinkles at the age of twenty-five." Soomi massaged the middle of your eyebrows, before turning your frown into a smile. "SMILLEEE."

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