2007!Leo x reader ~love~

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Why...?...You didn't know...actually you did...Master splinter thought Leonardo should go away to Africa to train, to become a better leader, To be alone, without any distractions ,without his Master, without his Brothers, Without you...He left a year ago... He didn't even say goodbye, You felt Horrible, you loved him, he loved you, When you started dating, you both knew the it wouldn't last...I mean your a girl and he's a mutant turtle, but he wrote to you every week, Telling you why he left without saying goodbye, In every letter he wrote he say he loves you and misses you.. But that was Before, He suddenly stopped sending you letters. .The last letter he wrote to you said

Dear, Y/N

I Miss you sooo much, I miss seeing your beautiful face, Your beautiful (h/c) hair flowing in the breeze, Your Gorgeous (e/c) eyes that shimmer in the moonlight. I Miss your Smile, I miss you everyday, day after day...night after night...I want to be able to hold you in my arms again. To kiss you again. To call you mine once more...
I may be a mutant, I may be 2000 miles away from you..
But I'll always love you Y/N ... and I'll never stop...

You never understood what his last sentence meant, But since the letters stopped coming. You feared the worst..
You thought he was dead in the Jungle alone... or it was his way of breaking up with you...You couldn't bare it... You had to know... You had the right know..

You Were now 18, After saving up enough money...You got on a plane and went to Africa...You knew Leo was in Africa, but you didn't know exactly where....You told yourself you wouldn't leave Africa until you saw Leo...And it's been a week since you've arrived. And you still haven't seen him...you were starting to worry...What if he really is....NO!...Your Not giving up...

Three more days went by...The village you stayed at, was completely peaceful, The people were so kind...but that afternoon, These men came for payment, But the people refused...Saying they've already payed the month's fund. That's when everything turned for the worst...it turned into straight up Robbery! they robbed everybody except for me..Because I did what all ninjas do...Stay in the shadows, and wait for the right moment to strike!

I followed them. I jumped down from a tree and stood in front of their speeding truck. They stomped on the breaks...and stared at you... "Go no Further" you said, The men laughed "Move out of the way Princess, Unless your here for donations" he snarled "I'm here to help those people...Return what you have stolen" you said strongly "What if we don't..." One man said. You stared at them coldly , drawing your blade, getting into a fighting stance...They laughed coming closer to you with daggers and swords. You easily dodge their attacks with swift moves, punching and kicking ,throwing them around...The only problem was when you throw one down the others came back harder and in pairs...You were good at fighting, and...you were doing well in the fight...until you heard a gun shot...You dodged it...but it still hit you...it was more of a Deep scratch than a deadly wound...But it did hurt like crazy!!! You dropped you sword, and fell on your knees gripping the wound...you closed your eyes tightly, clenching your teeth...you lightly released your grip, you looked at the wound...blood dripped out and down your arm....okay maybe more serious than you thought...You felt dizzy, you struggled to keep your eyes opened...The men stood above you laughing dastardly... "Your very Cute Princess...how cute are you underneath? " the man laughed That's the last thing you heard before you clasped and blacked out....

Leo's POV

I finally caught up with those guys...When I did I found them already fighting...with. A girl. "man, she's good" I thought...But when she turned around...Why Didn't I see it before?!... it's Y/N! Then I saw one aiming the gun at her. I heard the gun shot...I thought they'd missed...but I was wrong...they got a good slice off her arm... She clasped on the ground...I finally lost it when I heard that one man say " Your very Cute Princess...How cute are you underneath?" I jumped down...I didn't remember what happened in the fight, besides that I wanted to kill them... I saw Y/N laying on the ground, motionless...I knelt down beside her, lifting her head and brushing the hair out of her face " Your even more beautiful than I remembered..." Leo smiled

Regular POV

You finally woke up in a tent...You slowly sat up and looked down seeing your injured arm was bandaged up..."What..?" You looked around...their was another pillow and blanket by your side... You remembered what that man said before you blacked out... Your Eyes widen in fear...What Happened? Why Was I Here?! Who Left me here?! "If they did anything to me, they'll regret it..." You said...But you were in no condition to fight. You grabbed your Sword and ran out of the tent...But when you were in a good distance away from the tent, you slammed into something hard and fell on the ground.... "...Damn it!" You looked up seeing a blue bandana surrounded stunning brown eyes, that complemented a kind smile.... "Glad to see your already up and about..." he smirked risking one ridge off his bandana like eyebrows.... "Leo....?" You blushed...He looked more muscular than you remembered He helped you up, never letting go of his hand... you smiled wide before wrapping your arms around his shoulders in a tight heart-warming hug " I've missed you so much Leo!" You cried "I know...I'm glad to see you too.." he said wrapping his Big green arms around your waist tightly...

Later that Night~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
You both sat together in front of the fire...You were so happy you were reunited with him...but he wasn't himself, You knew that something was wrong. You cleared your throat "Leo, are you okay?..." he nodded "...are you sure?.." you asked " Yeah..why wouldn't I be?.." he replied you sigh. You shifted a little to face him
"..Well. Your being so...quite..." "it's because I'm a ninja" "Yeah...and so is Mikey and he's the party guy...Aren't you happy to see me...?" "Of course I'm happy to see you...I just. I don't know..." You sat closer to Leo, you held his hands "Come on, Leo. I know something's wrong. You haven't you sent me a letter in months. What's Wrong? " you said sincerely He sighed and held your hands tighter he stared in your eyes "...Remember when we first started dating?. We said even if we'd break up, that we always be friends...We knew it wouldn't last...So when Splinter sent me down here....I..I knew that Long distance wouldn't be easy....and to make it worse...Were too different...we both know that. Even at the beginning, and If we ever did get together in the end...I would never forgive myself if something happened to you...I..I...I'm sorry Y/N " Was...Is he breaking up with me?...he let go of your hands and turned back at the fire...He is....you felt a strong wave of tears over come you...You held your arms tightly, letting your head dangle down...You cried, but you didn't let him hear it...You couldn't take it..You didn't care what happened next....Heck!, You wouldn't care if you died within seconds...Your life was already over..
You got off the log, stood up and wiped your tears "Goodbye Leo..." was all you could say " Goodbye Y/N..." He stood up and held out his hand...you frowned but accepted and shook his hand, You both stood there in silence... "So...I get this is Goodbye-....." You wrapped your arms around his shell and cried more "Please..Leo..Don't leave me...I Love you..." you sobbed Leo froze...You felt Leo's grip tighten...He clenched his teeth and his eyes closed shut, He was holding back his tears...but you heard him sniffle "...I love you too...but..." he got out of your grip "...we're too diffrent...I'm better off alone..." "No..We're not! "Yes we are.." "I don't care! " "You could never have a normal life with me...." "I don't care...." you replied staring at him sadly, yet happily " We're meant to be...Leo, I don't care that your a mutant turtle, your a charming and handsome to me...I fell for your personality, and your caring attitude,Your my hero...I love you..." Leo barely had a chace to blurt out "Y/N your not safe with me...and it's not normal-" "normal? I dont want to be normal....I want to be with you...I love you too much to leave you-!!!!" You could comprehend what was going on, but you felt something move alone with your lips...it was warm, soft and gentle...you felt this before...You were kissing Leo! You quickly wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer, deeping the kiss...you smiled, you know he felt the same and didn't want to leave you either... you let go and smiled at him "I love you Leo" "I love you too Y/N" Love...that's what started this...and love is going to keep it alive....

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