Chapter 28 - Sincerly, Your Worst Nightmare

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Killer POV

I gazed at the stars, snuggling into the arms of my lover. He rested his head on my shoulder.
"I brought pizza." He whispered.
I laughed. "Knowing you, it's probably diamond-encrusted."
"You do date a prince. What do you expect?"
"Some kind of lobster soufflé."
"Heh, no, I'm afraid it's just regular pizza."
I gasped. "Finally, some normal food! I've been living on posh food for way too long." I groaned. "If I have to eat another piece of caviar, it'll be too soon."
"But before we eat," Nightmare took a breath and laid me gently on my feet, moving in front of me. "I have something to ask you."
I felt my hope rising. W-Was Dust.... right?!
"Killer...." He looked into my eyes, the black substance that surrounded him glistening. He frowned. "No,  this isn't right. Not in this form. Would you please... look away for a second?"
"Umm, alright..." I agreed, rapidly loosing confidence. I turned around. About ten seconds later, I heard a strange sound, followed by Nightmare's voice, which seemed more melodic than usual.
"Ok, you can turn around now." I turned back around and gasped.
I could tell it was him, but he was so... different. The black substance had disappeared completely. The crystal-white boned skeleton wore a black shirt with white trim. Most of his outfit was black and white. The golden crown he always wore shone brighter then ever, and his collar bore a crescent moon symbol. But what attracted my attention the most were his shining eyes. They glimmered a light violet in the bright moonlight, full of warmth and love. "Do you... like it?" Nightmare's voice was smooth and melodic, the voice of a prince. It made me want to fall asleep in his arms under the light of the stars even more than I used to.
"You're....... beautiful, Nightmare..." I breathed.
"Well..." Nightmare took a breath. "Maybe... we can be beautiful together?"
"W-What do you mean?" I uttered, breathless. This was like a fairytale or some wild dream. My heart fluttered.
"I love you more than anything.... and the kingdom's waiting for you, so..." He took out a small box and opened it gingerly. A beautiful onyx ring lay inside. It was a simple silver ring, except that in the middle of the glimmering ring lay a sparkling black jewel, reflecting the dancing moonlight into Nightmare's stunning lilac eyes. He breathed in again, clearly very nervous. I held back a laugh despite myself, recognising one of the rare moments of insecurity from the king of all nightmares. "L-Let's get married, Killer.... I want...." He seemed speechless, searching frantically for something to say. "Y-You...."
I gasped, joy filling me instantly. "Nightmare, I-I-"
"I'm sorry, it was stupid to ask, I'm sorry..." Nightmare interrupted, lowering his head.
"Nightmare.... I say..." He lowered his head more, obviously expecting denial. I grinned. "HECK YES! About time, numbskull."
"W-What?!" His head shot up, grinning.
"You heard me. Heck yes." I finalised. "Although, I may require a little more persuasion..."
Nightmare laughed, catching on. He took my skeletal hand and slid the silver ring onto it, before picking me up at the waist and spinning me around, a huge smile present across his face. My heart was throbbing with love for my new fiancé. My head was full of brightness and hope. For once, I really felt happy.

Dust POV

The date went as normal. I brought him to a nice place, he kissed me, I blushed, and we fought afterwords. But.... i just don't feel right. He's not himself. I need to talk with Nightmare.

"And then, I said yes!!!!" Killer squealed, smiling madly. I could feel myself fanboying.
"Holy Cherryberry, I'm so freakin happy for you!" I hugged my best friend happily. "So, where is your husbandu-to-be?"
"Why? You need to talk to him?"
"He's over in Dreamtale, bottom of the tree. Went there to think,"
"Thanks, Killer!"
"No problem."

~Time Skip brought to you by an adorable delinquent marriage~

"Nightmare-" I froze. Nightmare stood under the large tree. Next to him was a blonde-haired, makeup-faced girl. She wore what looked like pretty expensive clothes, topped off by a white pearl necklace. She flicked her hair, moving closer to Nightmare, who looked extremely uncomfortable.
"What's wrong, Nighty?" I shivered at her high-pitched, flirty voice. I couldn't stand people like these.
"E-Erm... Nothing."
"Good, because my father is getting restless, Nighty. You better do as he says. You won't like him when he's angry,"
"Y-Yeah, just..."
"No more justs, Nighty. You have to do it if you want this alliance~"
Nightmare shifted. The girl kissed him fully on the lips. I almost ran in there and killed the damn pig. It's still a mystery to me why I didn't. Nightmare managed to hold his composure as the girl wrapped her arms around him. Hesitantly, he began to kiss back. When this horror show had passed, the girl walked away, her hips swinging, leaving Nightmare standing alone. I slipped out of the shadows, growling.
"What in the heck was THAT?!" I yelled furiously, slapping his stupid surprised face. "You propose to Killer, the love of your damn life, the person who literally gave away half his soul to save your brother, and you cheat on him with that damn human?!"
"D-Dust?! I-I can explain-"
"I don't care about your stupid explanations!"
"It's not-"
"We had a PROMISE, Nightmare! You've gone and broken it!"
"P-Please, d-don't tell Killer..."
I glared daggers at him. "Fine. But it's for Killer, not you. You disgust me, filthy cheater!" I spat. "Now tell me what's happening to my love!"
"O-Oh, that, er..." Nightmare dug around in his pocket a little bit, before bringing out a crumpled set of paper, handing it to me. "That'll give you what you want..."
"Good." I snarled and turned on my heel, walking away from the promise-breaker who had cheated on my best friend.

~Time Skip, brought to you by savage Dust~

I laid myself down on the soft grass, taking out the papers that dirty cheater had given me. There were three of them, the neat, curving handwriting only reaching half of the crumpled page. I almost didn't want to read them. My love's fate, all written down. Nightmare was a both a prince and a scholar, so as much as I hated him, it would probably be pretty accurate. They read:

Log 1, Day 1

Subject's limbs appear faded. Showing no signs of fever or sickness. I have a theory, but I hope dearly that that is not the case. Psychopathic tendencies and faded limbs can only mean so much, so I am afraid that the darker, more complicated explanation may be the only answer.

Log 2, Day 2

I visited Horrortale today, and, to the worst of my fears, everything lines up. My suspicion is, sadly, true.

Subject is confirmed to be suffering from Timeline Deficiency Disorder.

I cocked my head, frankly having no idea what that was. The last page appeared to be different, not about Horror. Nightmare must have given me this by accident. Being the curious delinquent I was, I read the paper. It read:

Kingdom Affairs;

I'm afraid I'm going to have to sacrifice the honour I hold so close to my heart. Relations with the Red Nation ((It's very creative naming shut up)) are plummeting at a rate that will mean war without decisive action. The offer of marrying the king's daughter, Ruby, seems the only way of escape. There is no doubt that countless lives will be lost and much blood shed, should the Red Nation choose to fight us. When I excepted the crown a long time ago, I made a promise before both the living people of this land and my deceased ancestor's memory that I would protect this land at any cost.
Am I just condemned by duty to a life with a wife I will never love, with my true love only fingertips away, out of reach? I have never relied on a god to fill the blank space, but I pray that my life will not be one without love.
Killer, my love, I am truly sorry. Fate has been unkind to the both of us. A long time ago you snuck your way into my closed heart. You must hurry out quickly, though, for it will break very soon.

Signing off with a heavy heart,

Nightmare Sans

I gasped. Of course, there was no way I'd forgive him that easily, but at least there was some sort of solid reason for it. Nightmare had been obligated by duty to the crown. But then, why would he propose to Killz?

Horror POV

I looked down from my spot in the large tree. My love's slender figure seemed to melt into the shadows, his perfect face tainted with shock and anger. I hissed quietly, turning my head towards what he was looking at. Nightmare and some girl were smooching in the bright sunlight. Nightmare was obviously cringing. I growled. How dare they plague his flawless mind!? My anger turned to glee, however, as a dark thought hatched in my head. I grinned, knowing I'd need see my plan through.

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