13. Queen

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AFTER she ran away from the place, everyone stood up except for Jungkook and Miran. Every single person there was disappointed by the way Jungkook acted with Jihae.

"JIHAE!" Jimin ran after her while calling her name.

Rest of them stood there glaring at Jungkook while Miran gripped his arms tightly. Jungkook awkwardly stood up followed by Miran. "What was that, Jungkook?" Jin asked with full of disappointment.

Jungkook became nervous while every disappointed eye was on him. He was just messing with Jihae but it turned out differently. "What did I do? She was the one who left," Jungkook said nervously.

Soon enough, Jimin walked back and suddenly grabbed Jungkook by the collar, making everyone gasp. The eldest one tried to stop Jimin but a hard punch landed on the youngest one's left cheek.

Jungkook grabbed his cheek in pain and looked at Jimin in shock. He couldn't believe that Jimin just punched him, because of her.

"IS THAT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR WIFE?" Jimin shouted while Jin and Namjoon separated him from Jungkook.

"Jungkook, are you okay?" Miran held his shoulders but he removed her hands.

Anger invaded him, making him almost blind. "SO WHAT? SHE IS MY WIFE, NOT YOURS," Jungkook shouted which made Jimin scoff.

Jimin was about to attack him again but Jin pulled him back. "If you still love her then why did you even marry Jihae at first place?" Taehyung asked, pointing at Miran.

That was when Jungkook remembered that they didn't know about the contract, except for Jimin. "This marriage doesn't mean anything to me. It was a contract, not a real marriage," Jungkook said, leaving all of them in shock.

"Didn't he tell you anything?" Jungkook pointed at Jimin who was being held by Jin at the back.

All of the eyes full of questions shifted to Jimin, making him nervous. There was a long silence. They were processing the words that Jungkook said, about the contract.

"Even if it's a contract, just because she is your wife doesn't mean you can treat her like this," Hoseok finally spoke, breaking the silence.

"So? What do you want me to do? You want me to love her? Sorry, I can't do that. I love Miran," Jungkook said and Miran held his hands tightly, trying to calm his anger.

"No one is asking you to love her, she will get the love she deserves from someone else. There is a word called 'respect'. At least respect your wife," Jimin spoke from the back, still struggling to get out of Jin's strong grip.

"You know what Jungkook? You made a joke of yourself today," Yoongi said in disappointment.

"You were never like this, Jungkook. I'm so disappointed," Jin finally spoke after watching the whole drama silently.

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