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I was so happy that he was happy . Actually he was more exited than me that in the past 7 days he cooked all the meals for me, and in school he would text me saying if I was okay and I would say yes .
In fact I was texting him right now cause we didn't have the same class together and out of nowhere a hand hit the table ( my table ) so hard that it shook but it didn't affect me .

" look bitch..I don't care that you sad died I literally don't give a fuck "

I looked up to see that the person talking was that red head bitch Rachel.

Stay calm...

" what do you want " I said bored looking at my phone again to see what Ezra wrote..

Ezra: lets go shopping after schoo..

I didn't get to finish the sentence as the phone was pulled away by Rachel .

" look at me when I'm talking to you .. and one more thing stay away from Ezra he is mine not yours "

Thats it shes dead

I get up from my chair furious and pull my phone back and smack it on the table, now people were looking..

Good. Now they'll know whats going to happen if they ever bothered me again .

" ohhh your up what are you going to-"


Rachel didn't even have the time to breath as I grabbed her by her red hair and flipped her on the table causing her mini sized skirt to go up and show off her red panties.
People started to laugh and others gasped but no one came near me .

I leaned down so that She can hear me .
" listen Rachel, if you ever talk about my father like that ever again I swear to god that I will eliminate you from the face of the earth and I will do it, and don't go around claiming things that are obviously not yours that they are yours. Ezra is mine and we're already together b*i*t*c*h "
Then I let her go not before taking out her I phone and throw it hard on the ground and it broke into tiny pieces, and when I turned around I saw two people standing in front of me, the first was the teacher looking very angry, then the second was Ezra who was grinning his ass off he was amused with a hint of pride in his gaze that made me smile .

" MISS QUEEN To the principal NOW"

Two hours later
" thank god that school is over in two days or I was gonna kill myself " Becca Said .
We were at Ezras house I sat on the biggest couch in the living room waiting for those idiots to pick a movie to watch with a bucket of mixed ice cream on my lap and Ezra was on my right trying to eat some but of course I didn't let him .

" I still can't believe what you did to Rachel, you were awesome " Blue said excited
" well babe believe it cause its true " Ezra said giving me a kiss on my cheek

" well - that meany deserves it " Lina said she was sitting on Sashas lap eating her apple .

" yeah she did sis " I whispered as Zoey and Louise came into the room in a hurry
" we found the perfect movie " Louise said

" and what is that movie? " I asked

" the longest ride "

" oooh I love that movie " I said clapping my hand

As we started the movie I kept on eating now letting Ezra eat with me ..

What can I say.. can't resist those puppy eyes

Ezra warped his hand around me and pulled me close to him and his heat transferred to me immediately making me smile and I inhaled his sent that sent that made me go crazy .
And then I felt his hand go to my belly and  making circles on it .
" I want a girl"

" huh ??" I said

" yeah "

" why is that " I whispered back

" cause girls can wear a tiara and I would buy all the tiaras just for her "

And just by hearing that made my heart sink and just then I kissed him and that moment all the love in the world was there between us in every brea in every thought .

" uuggghhh guys please the romance is here in the movie please don't make it live pleaseee " Blue said with a disgusted voice that made me laugh and break the kiss and turn back to the movie .
And just then out of nowhere a voice came that scared the hell out if me the last time I heard it and I wasn't ready to hear it again .

Shoot . A gun shot

Just one that made me close my eyes and when I opened them I have moved up from my place at the couch still the bucket in my hands as I started assessing:
Bluebell. Nothing
Lina. Nothing
Sasha. Nothing
Becca. Nothing
Louise. Nothing
Zoey. Nothing
Bryce. Nothing.

Then that means..

Then it hits me like a truck and my heart starts to hurt as I dropped the bucket and all it content were spilled on it .

I turned around.
Ezra, he was laying still at the couch his eyes wide looking at me then at the blood that was now staining his white shirt...


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