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Pen Your Pride

"Hazell, sooner or later you have to talk to Harry," Nicole said as she layed on her neated-made hotel bed, watching re-runs of America's Got Talent from 2011.

"I know," I hesitantly say, " I really like him, but it just feels weird between us. I just it changes tonight,"

"NO,DON'T DO THOSE! Gosh Howie, Sharron had a point," Clare screamed toward the tv.

"Clare, hun, calmed yourself down. I know it isnt Britian Got Talent, but we have bigger problems. We have to be at the boys' suite by seven-thirty and I still don't know what to wear," selfish Nicole said. 

I grunted to myself as I shot a look at the clook.

                                                                 6:21 pm 

"Nicole just wear the same thing from this morning. Zayn seemed to like it," I shouted, looking angerly in the mirror, the crease my ponytail left from earlier in the day.

"Haha, you make me laugh,"she says forcing a laugh.

I let my eyes roll. An idea poped in mind.

"Clare, do you want to come shopping with your darling sister? Or do you rather stay with Nicole and continue screaming at the telly?"

"Anything to leave this room. I'm feeling squished with Nicole's suitecases surrounding me. Urgh," Clare says as she slowly stands up from her confortable position on her side of the bed," Where are we going?"

"We're going to get Nurf guns," I say smiling.

Clare's face light up. "What are we doing still here?! Lets go!," she yells as she grabs my arm and drags me out the door.

This going to be fun.


*Harry's POV*

"Sodas,check,cheetos,check,music,check,scary movie? Checkkk!!!" Louis sang happily as he skipped around our kitchen.

"Make sure you get pizza," Niall yelled as he eats some leftovers from Nandos.

"Of course, my young chap. Wouldn't forget it," Louis said, finish going through check-list.


"Ya?" I answer quickly running to find Zayn sitting on the floor, surrounded my mirrors.

"" he says softly.

I pick him up, laughing to his addiction to mirrors. " The girls are coming soon, so I think you should put those away. Before one of them steals one..." I say teasingly.

Zayn's face filled with horror, thinking of the thought. 

"HARRYYYY," I hear Louis calling.

 I run back, finding Liam in the corner as Louis steps foward with a spoon in his hand.

"Harry, help me. He's trying to scare me!" Liam screams as a faint knock on the door was heard.

"POSITIONS EVERYONE!!!!!!!" Louis yells loudly, for sure the girls outside heard him. 

Zayn,Louis,Niall, and Liam stand before the door, fixing their hair and clothes.

"Harry, open it,"Niall says, finishing up his last piece on his plate he brought with him.

I shake my hair into place as I open the door to find Hazell and her sisters there, holding a black bag.

"Hello loves!"Louis says first as he approaches Clare first, giving her a hug.

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