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The group had been heading North for a few hours trying to stay as quiet as possible in case anything where to come and try to possibly eat them. Loki continued to snap photos as they moved forward, pulling her hair out of the hair tie and letting it fall naturally. Looking through the jungle and taking note of the wild life's behaviors. She hoped they would sit down soon so she may write them down. "Stay tight," she heard James say from behind her, making her turn to where they were looking to see what seemed to be crumbling ruins. She then realized how far away she was from the group and made a panicked noise before awkwardly jogging of roots to get back to them. She reached them as they began moving through an archway.

Someone behind her said, "What the hell is this?"

Loki looked at the structures of rock, snapping photos. "Ruins," she whispered. "Looks like they are at least 50 years old..." she looked through the sight of her camera, snapping photos until she landed on a wall that she could have sworn she saw some sort of outline. She began stepping closer to it, despite Slivko's protests. She looked through the sight again but this time, she saw eyes open and she shouted. "NO no no," she repeated as she hurried back to the group, more and more people making themselves known.

She stood beside James and Slivko, James was telling them to stay calm.they stood in a circle with their backs together as natives began closing in, spears pointed at them. Loki snapped a photo but was on the verge of tears. They were covered in yellow markings which contrasted against their maroon clothing. Loki dropped her camera and gripped James's side in fear, making him look over his shoulder at her slightly before turning back to the people. "Woah, woah," a voice began repeated from behind a wall. "Nobody shoot," it called as a man came into view. He was cladded in world war two air force attire and a very scraggly beard. "No body shoot," he repeated as he got past the group of natives. "No need for that, come on now. Everybody keep your wigs on now."

"What?' Slivko breathed out, slightly lowering his gun.

"I didn't believe it," the man said with an amazed smile, resting his hands on his hips. "Even when they said you would come." James began lowering his gun but Loki continued to hold onto the man's shirt. "I was up all night, just thinking about how me and Gunpein dreamt of this moment... and now here it is. twenty -eight years... eleven months... eight failed attempts to get back to the world and instead, the world comes to me? Ain't that a crack..." he said, looking back to the fighters and then back to the exploration group. "They never smile."

Loki spoke up before she could stop her self, releasing James's shirt. "Did... did you crash here?"

The man seemed as if he hadn't even seen her, his eyes when wide. "Oh, sorry miss," he said, raising his hand to the brim of his hat in a salute. "Lt. Hank Marlow of the 45th... put the old flight suit on for you." He went to a position of at ease and looked the group over and his voice cracked slightly as he pointed at them. "You are more beautiful... than a hot dog and a beer..." he said, pretending to hold the two objects in hand. "At Wrigley Field on opening day..." he looked at his hands and slowly curled them into fists before looking at Loki. "But you're real... right?" in his voice and eyes was an undoubting hope that tugged at the strings of her heart. She nodded slowly, looking at him then James. She turned her attention back to Hank who addressed the natives. "I told ya, didn't I tell you? I said, 'it's fine.'" as he said this, the men and women pointing spears raised them again. "There ya go."

Slivko stepped forward slightly. "There's something out there man."

"There's a lot out there," Hank corrected quietly. "No come on, we gotta get home. You don't want to be out here at night."

Loki gulped slightly as the man turned and began walking through the archway he had come through. James looked down at her, surprised to see how scared she was, seeing she hand no problem approaching a while animal that was 100x their size. He let his gun hang from the strap on his shoulder and rested his hand on her lower back, pushing her slightly to follow Hank.

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