Chapter 22

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Parking outside Brian's house thinking about Brian's relationship with Juana, I got out and began to walk up to the porch. Juana stepped out of the house and walked toward me leaving. She stared me down as I stared back. She gave me a smile and I smiled back being nice. I gave her a wave and she gave me one back. When she past me I could still feel her eyes locked on me from behind me. I felt a little weirded out by the way Juana's been acting the past week or so. Its almost as she's flirting with me. I mean she's been sending me all these hints yet I'd hate to jump to conclusions and be wrong. I approached the door when Brian rushed out barely knocking me down. I was able to keep my balance as Brian rushed to Juana before she got in her car. 

He began to talk quietly, not a whisper but quietly to Juana. He had a grin on his face and looked somewhat pissed off. I couldn't hear what they were saying for which I was too far away but knew from their facial expressions that things weren't going good. Brian's grin left his face and he began talking louder as the conversation went on. I decided to wait and see how this conversation would continue as I pulled out a joint I had stashed in my pocket and began smoking it. Eventually Brian was yelling and Juana yelled back as their conversation turned into an argument. "Well then what is it you want me to do!" Brian yelled.

"Don't get loud with me Brian!" Juana retaliated. 

"Oh this isn't loud yet!" Brian said being quite loud.

"Fuck you Brian!" Juana said starting her car. Things were getting intense and I didn't want to get involved so I continued to watch from a distance. 

"Watch your mouth!" Brian said gripping the roof of the car and dramatically shoving his index finger around. 

"Shut up, your not my hermano, you got him killed remember!" Juana let out. A silence grew out after that comment. Even I was shocked she'd say something like that. Brian was speechless and didn't know what to say. I could tell from his expression he was sad about it. "Brian...I didn't mean it." Juana said apologizing for the comment knowing it wasn't the thing she meant to say.  Brian didn't say nothing and began to walk away back toward the house. "Brian wait!" Juana said quickly getting out of her car. Brian walked past me totally ignoring me. Juana rushed after him but Brian slammed the door behind him. Before Juana could attempt to knock or open the door I grabbed her arm. 

"Hey...let me talk to him." I said. I threw my joint on the ground and made sure I put it out for which it was almost finished anyway. She nodded at me and turned away from the door. I opened the door and let myself in as Juana sat on his steps and regretted what she had done. I gently closed the door behind me and went to go talk to Brian. He wasn't downstairs so I went to go check upstairs for which surely there he was, in his room. He was laying on his bed. He wasn't crying as it appeared he was holding it back. It made me remember that Brian is still young. He's too young in my books to be going through the things he has. It makes me wonder if maybe he'd been through worse then me. And to lose his best friend, thats hard and trust me I know the feeling. I walked in and grabbed a chair and pulled it up to Brian. "So...that got pretty bad out there." I said. 

He sat up and rubbed his eyes for the tears that made it past his defenses. "Yeah...sorry about that. " Brian said.

"No...your fine, I just wanna know what happened." I said.

"Well...we were talking about some guys that have been harassing her around where she lives." Brian began to explain. 

'Well do something about it, is thats whats wrong?" I said.

"No, No its just that I can't do nothing about it...their our own team." he said.

"Get Big Tyron involved." I said getting interested in the situation. 

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