Cliff diving and Voodoo

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~Alyssa Pov~
"Sooooo let's get deep in the drama. CJ, Jack do you both like Lexi?" I looked at them with a smile...... They both just stood there, wide eyed.
"I like her."
"I like her." They both said at the same time. Then looked at each Other extremely mad.
"Okay let's not start a fight please." Samantha said rolling her eyes. The truth is we've all known that they both like her. I mean it's quite obvious! now it's my job as Lexi's bestie, to get all the details and make sure everything is all good when she comes back. I know my best friend, she's a fighter and she's going to get through this. I know she will wake up.
"Alright we have some drama here." Priscilla said.
"Lets just drop the subject and play a game or something?" Carson asked. His smile is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.
"Umm thanks?" Carson said more like asked me. Oh god. Oh no.
"Crap I said that out loud didn't I?" I blushed so hard.
" It's all good, I think your smile is beautiful." He says with a cheeky grin, making me blush even harder.
" Okay now that, that's over." Samantha started which made everyone laugh. Making me and Carson blush this time. We all sat in a circle. It was quiet for a while.
"I miss Lexi." Andrew frowned while saying it. A couple tears fell down my face. I hid it with my hair, but I know Carson saw it, because I felt a warm hand on mine. I turned to see him looking at Andrew. I smiled to myself, but I realized what we were talking about and more tears slid down my face. "I do too." I whispered. We sat in silence for a while, everyone had tears or came close.
" Do you really think Lexi would want us crying like this and being sad?" Samantha asked and stood up. Everyone shook there heads because we all knew Lexi wouldn't have wanted us to act like this.
"How about this, lets do something wild. Something crazy, then when Lexi comes back we will show her what we did and persuade her to do it!!?" Samantha asked and jumped.
"How crazy? And what would we do?" Sean asked, finally speaking up.
"Cliff dive." Samantha said. As soon as the words left her mouth everyone went crazy.
"Are you an idiot?"
"Why the hell would we do that?"
"Yeah great idea, Lexi will wake up and all her friends will be dead."
"Are you trying to kill us?"
"And I thought Alyssa was the psychotic one."Andrew said which made me glare at him.
"Guys hear me out on this!" Samantha said.
"Yeah go ahead let's talk about our death wish." Sean said to her which made her roll her eyes.
"Your all wimps." She said.
"Have you ever done this before?" CJ asked.
"No but my boyfriend Daniel has, and he's still alive and actually had a blast!" She told them with a sparkle in her eye. You can see the happiness and love in her eyes anytime she talks about him or even says his name. I wish I had that.
"I'm in." Faith says and stood next to Samantha.
"What the hell, there is no way I'm gonna let my twin die for something stupid!" Jack yelled out.
"Well I'm going, with or without you." Faith stubbornly told him. Which made him sigh and stand up next to her.
"I'm in then." He told them.
"I'll go." I turn to see Priscilla stand up as well. Andrew, Sean, and CJ looked at each other nodding their heads.
"We're In." They creepily said at the same time before joining the others.
Carson looked at me then looked at our friends.
"I'm down idiots." He said and stood up next to them. Now I was the only one on the floor. Great. Just great. The truth is I'm terrified. The only person I do things like this is in a coma right now. I can't go. I can't do it with out my bestie. I mean it's gonna suck if I do die, and she wakes up. But then again the adventure sounds awesome, and I really really wish she was sitting next to me right now. I know exactly how she would have reacted. It would have come down to just me and her. She would have that look on her face that just shows she wants to do it. She would then look at me and smile, reach her hand out and tell me let's do this together, remember we only live once. Then I would grab her hand and stand up with her and we would both say I'm in together. But no. I'm sitting on the ground. By myself. She's not here with me for this, and that's what makes me upset. I didn't even realize I was so spaced out and they were trying to get my attention. I feel my face wet, and that's when I realized I was crying, actually sobbing, everyone looked worried at me. Lexi I'm going to do this. I'm going to do this for you. I stood up wiped my tears ignoring the concerned faces of my friends. I took a breath.
"I'm in." Which made all my friends jump up and we all group hug.
"Alright let's go."
"Wait like right now?" Sean asked mortified.
"Yes right now." Samantha smiled.
"Let's goooooo!" Carson screamed and ran to get ready along with the rest of us. I smiled to myself. This guy is the cutest thing ever.
Wait what? I mean no he's not. He's terrible. Yeah terrible.
Great now I'm lying to myself.
It's not like he'll ever like me back anyway. I ran to my bag and grabbed out my swimsuit and extra clothes. Everyone got ready.

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