Chapter 24

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"You think Ranger Fell has the Book of the White" Clary asked

"No I think he had the book of the black" Addy replied for Magnus. Magnus sent her a glare.

"Fell and Fray knew each other" Addy replied for Magnus, again.

"Okay..." Clary said.

Everyone was gathered, Alec, Jace, Izzy, Magnus, and Addy. They were looking for a way to free Jocelyn from her coma like state.

"You know? I was thinking—" Addy said

"You can think?" Jace replied, quite serious too.

"I can think, but's ironic coming from you, Mr. Reckless" Addy said

"I'm the reckless one? You always got in trouble growing up, I'm surprised you can think" Jace said

"Yeah well you know what? I'm one of the best Shadowhunter, a ConClave member, Peacekeeper representative for New York, and top of my class in Idris, so maybe if you thought a little you could get on my level" Addy said

"Your level? Your literally shorter than Clary" Jace said

"You know what I meant dick-face" Addy said bringing up a mason the monitor. Alec stifled a laugh, while Izzy was smirking, Clary looked bewildered, and Magnus was smiling.

"Alec! Your supposed to be my parabatai help me out here" Jace said

"Sorry man." Alec said

"Jace! Your supposed to be my brother, we have to stop making out" Addy muttered under her breath, imitating Jace and Clary's incest, she found the situation way more funny than it's supposed to be.

"That's enough from you" Jace said "you can be dismissed"

"What are you doing excusing me from the dinner table, Jace, I love you, but you do stupid things. The Clave wants an eye on all missions carried in and out of the New York Institute" Addy said "Your in some deep shit"

Jace remained quiet.

"Anyway, Yes, Ranger may have it, He was the one who gave Jocelyn the potion who caused her to be in the state in the first place" Magnus said

"Great, let's go get the book" Clary said

"Ooh, Clary's gettin' ready" Addy said "I'll grab my seraph blade, and my stele"

"Your coming?" Magnus said

"I have to... and plus, I miss Fell, he's a great dude to come and chat with"

"Well we aren't chatting" Jace said as Addy places her seraph blade on the table.

"Dang it, this is more fun than dress shopping, don't blow it" Addy had said

"You love dress shopping with me, chica" Isabelle said

"Yeah, And Raziel likes having tea with greater demons" Addy said

"Oh Addison— your sarcasm has really affected you as a person" Magnus said

"I agree with Magnus" Alec said leaning onto the table.

"I second that" Izzy said

"I third it" Jace said not looking up from his blade.

"Gee, Thanks, I'll be in the training room while you guys figure it out" she said mainly to Jace and Clary before walking off.

"I'll come with you, wouldn't want you to be a depressed bug now would we" Alec said

"Is that like an inside joke" Clary asked as Alec put an arm around Addy's shoulder.

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