Prologue Part two

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Finally we are finished with everything. So he sits at the piano and adjusts his fingers to play our one song we never finish. He starts the opening chords to Someone like you by Adele. As the lyrics start we are always quiet but then after the first line we all join in on the song.

" Never mind I'll find someone like you. I wish nothing but the best, For you too, don't forget me. I beg, I'll remember you said Sometimes it lasts in love But sometimes it hurts instead. Sometimes it lasts in love But sometimes it hurts instead yeah." we all sing in her octave and smile its the inly time we are ever quiet just to listen or sing this song.

As we are halfway through the song the bell rang. All the girls ran out the room to meet their boyfriends or friends while I stayed behind to help Mr. Mallory with his new students. After I'm finished I ran to my next class Mrs. cutter somehow I'm still the first one in her class even if I stay behind I'm still the first. As I site in my spot, by the door I get out my utensils and work and start my work. I hear movement to my left and there is my ex looking at me.

"What do you want asshole" I ask. " can I sit her and not want something from you?" he asks. I let out a frustrating sigh sitting next to me is my idiotic ex boyfriend Cole white. He is wearing a black shirt with blue jeans and Nike running shoes with his brown curly hair and that fuckboy look.

" yes, you only wanted to date me to get player credits. I say with aggravation. Then he responds "who pissed in your cheerios this evening" "Sam" I say bluntly. He looks at me for a moment and says " when has she not pissed in your cheerios" he says. I try to hid the little smile on my face. "You still didn't answer my question." I say. I look over at him and see him looking back. Hs face is semi smiling but his eyes. Those blue eyes tell that he's thinking hard.

"Its nothing. Really just...nothing. How about getting our work done, aye?" he says. He tries hiding his disappointment about hiding whatever it is he wants to say. I just let it slide and get to work. He moves his chair more towards me and moves to look over my shoulder and read the pages with me.

After a while of reading I'm about to flip the page. As I move to flip his hand grabs mine and he says not yet. He still hasn't released my hand after a few seconds he guides my hand and the page over and I let go of the page. He still has a hold on my hand. "um...Blanco? Hand?" I say using his nickname. "Oh... uh...sorry Cuore" he says as he tries with the accent. But fails.

"I can't believe you remember that. It was so long ago." I say as I try to keep the surprise out of my words. "Why wouldn't I? I'm the one who started that. Besides it's still true." he says looking at me and smiling a little. "Yeah I guess so" I still can't believe he called me Cuore. It's been almost three years since he came up with that name.

It means heart in Italian. I was doing my work in class and I was finished. Cole was having trouble with his English work so I went and sat by him. I helped him he said I had a kind heart to help me. So he called me Cuore for the rest of the day because his dad knew Italian and taught him some words. Never got the accent. It's still sweet that he gave me that word as my nick. When we dated I still just can't figure out if it was just pity or he actually liked me. He's a player their fore defined form the urban dictionary as: 

Player - a guy who:

(1) doesn't understand the meaning ofrelationships

(2) is in full reproductive mode

(3) is very good at making girls think he is into them (also very proficient at breaking said girls hearts)

(4) often "dates" several girls at several schools (girls are often unaware of each other)

(5) is an asshole!

I don't particularly think that he's the full definition but he's their in that zone of being called a player. He just hasn't found the right girl to last with. I'm not saying that she needs to be the

one he will be for his whole rest of life. Just someone who can be their when need be.

I was 13 years old when he asked me out. So last year really. Weeks or a week before the bitch of the grade had told the class out loud with him in the room that I had a crush on him. He never acknowledged it that day. I was furious at Hanah, the bitch of the year.

I regret how i handled that day or ever telling her that I ever liked him. He changed from that sweet boy that would smile at anyone. But something happened, I still don't know what happened to him. I didn't think it was any of my business what happened.

Even know he's still different. I don't ever see him much but when I do we just talk about anything really. Never about what happened, it's really none of my business. Yea i noticed it at times but it is not right to call him out on it. I don't know what he went through after his brothers death.

I won't tell you that we got over the phase. Eventually we snapped at each other. We had all these emotions pent up. Me being depressed, worried love? Thinking I fucked up with the one chance to be happy but never happy with Cole?

It was over something stupid you know? I don't know what he had to deal with because the next thing I text fucks it all up in seconds. He told me to never text again. Of course I wasn't going to let that happen. I text back saying was sorry and stressed and I was. But part of me was glad we snapped these emotions shouldn't've be held in.

Weeks later I try to apologize again hoping time is what he needed, what we needed. For the both of us to calm down. It didn't work. I tried again three weeks later, no response again. After that I waited two months to try again. Still over this time I wrote questions I wanted to ask but didn't. Then I finally couldn't hold it in I told him how I felt. How I loved him but I knew it wouldn't work. I gave up on him

I got blocked sadly a few days later. It hurt a lot. But I dealt with it. In the meantime at this time my music idol Andy Biersack, released a song Beyond My Reach I never knew about it at the time. I was furious with myself for my stupid mistakes. I was devastated. I drove him away from me and my other friends. Some still talk to him but it's rare.

I don't think they really know that it's me that he's distancing himself from or all of them. I know its my fault. I all happened, he has an account that I still text time to time using the nicknames for each other. Or asking question of how he is.

Now that you have a little information of us. Maybe this won't be as confusing to you.

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