Calm The Fire: 69

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“You know,” Tauriel looked to her side where Náriel was standing. “I didn't help you out of here only to see you return.”

“I know.” Náriel smiled. “Do not think that I am throwing the help you gave me back at you. Far from it. The only reason why I’m not locked away is because I am actually trying to abide by my uncle. Which is something Thorin isn't doing...not that I was expecting him to do so,” she rolled her eyes. He really was to stubborn for his own good. “I never properly thanked you did I?”

“You did, just before running off.”

“Thank you, Tauriel,” Náriel said again while the two quickly walked around the corner and down the corridor. Náriel had been in her room for an hour if that before a gentle knock happened on her door. When she opened it she wasn't expecting to see Tauriel. Though she was happy she did. Naturally the auburn haired Elf wanted answers to why Náriel was here. She was the one who helped her escape Mirkwood all those years ago. She meant what she said. She didn't help her out of here only to see her return years later.

“Come on,” Tauriel walked quickly down some steps with Náriel walking briskly after her.

“Hey! What brings you back down here?” Tauriel didn't answer as she passed the cell.

Náriel though stopped and frowned. “Trying to make friends, Kíli?”

“No.” He whispered and then grinned at her.

She raised an eyebrow and moved away, Tauriel stood at the top of another small staircase and looked at her. “Five minutes, if that, I will return when I see the guards changing.” Tauriel said seriously while Náriel walked up the stairs and stood by her side. Inclining her head she moved away, though she paused to look in at Kíli who still stood holding onto the bars smiling out at her. Náriel rolled her eyes at the pair before turning and moving along the corridor of cells.

Stopping and crossing her arms, she uncrossed them to knock on the metal of the bars. Turning from the back of the cell, Thorin looked at her. His annoyed expression disappeared upon seeing her. He was clearly expecting some sort of guard, he wasn't expecting her. She still stood in the dress she wore earlier on, though she shifted from foot to foot as she wrapped her hands around the bars.

“What are you doing here?”

It wasn't the question she was expecting to hear, her eyes narrowed at him, leaning to the side she looked in at Balin. “Oh,” the elder Dwarf perked up at the sight of her. “Hello Princess!”

“Balin...what do you think I am doing here?”

He had heard the question which Thorin posed to her, muttering quietly to himself he shifted forwards and stood in front of her. “Visiting would be my guess.”

“Hear that? I’m visiting.” Náriel said while looking back at Thorin, his eyes narrowed, her eyes saddened. “I am so sorry, Thorin. If I hadn't moved off to double check I was leading you the right way we wouldn't be here. You wouldn't be in a cell, and I wouldn't be under minor guard again.” She said thinking of Aranhi. She had spied him a few times loitering nearby.

His hardened look slowly disappeared. He reached out and put his hands over hers on the bars. “You were given one task. One task which you wanted to succeed in, so you had to be extra vigilant. It is not your fault we are here. Not for a second. It seemed it may have been fate to end up here.”

Náriel tilted her head to the side. “That's an interesting way of looking at it.”

Thorin frowned. “I can't think of any other way of looking at it.” He said quietly while moving away from the cell bars, Náriel watched him with curious eyes. “You know,” he turned and looked at the back of his small cell. “Your uncle never mentioned you were here,” he looked over his shoulder at her before turning back around to look at her. “I wonder why.”

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