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williamnylander; do your legs hurt from running through my dreams?

arizona.rielly; no they hurt from dodging corny lines like that all night

williamnylander; damn i though i had it that time

arizona.rielly; nah ur pick up lines suck

williamnylander; uh rude!

arizona.rielly; ik i try💁‍♀️

williamnylander; morgan never told us he has a little sister

arizona.rielly; yeah he didn't want u guys to go after me

williamnylander; so he's the protective brother?

arizona.rielly; yeah i guess u could say that

williamnylander; do you live in toronto? i've never seen u at any games

arizona.rielly; i've been to a few games and i just moved to toronto about two months ago

williamnylander; u like it so far?

arizona.rielly; ya it's nice here

williamnylander; i realize u don't look like morgan

arizona.rielly; that's bc i was adopted

williamnylander; how old were u?

arizona.rielly; i was adopted when i was 14

williamnylander; so u gotta boyfriend

arizona.rielly; nope

williamnylander; how?! ur so beautiful

arizona.rielly; i was in a relationship but it ended badly

williamnylander; oh sry to hear that

arizona.rielly; um i have to go so i'll talk to u later ok?

williamnylander; alright bye

arizona.rielly; bye

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