Simply Hurting

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A/N- this is a request for @AGirlNamedEren I hope you like it!

Prompt- Eren is a maid, abused and bullied. The king is in love with her. He confronts her about her depression. She breaks down and tells him everything. He confesses his feelings, they get married, etc.

Warnings- mentions abuse and bullying

I shuffle out of bed, wary of my bruises and broken rib, and dress in my maid's outfit. It hurts to braid my hair, but I manage to do it. I sigh and head to the kitchens.

I enter the kitchens, my face clad in a fake smile. "Hello, Eren. Here's the king's breakfast. Make sure he knows that it may burn him if he's not careful," the cook says. I nod, taking the tray of food to the king's dining chamber.

Before I enter, I have to be introduced. Rordin, the guard, scoffs at the sight of me, but announces my arrival, to which a suave "let her in," is said in response. I plaster a fake smile on my face and enter the chamber.

"Aran nin, it may burn you so please do be careful," I say, placing the plate on the table, careful to not show pain on my face; the tray is digging right into my side with the broken rib.  King Thranduil studies my face intently. I finish placing the plates in front of him and smile a very faux smile.

He allows me to leave, so I can attend to my maid duties. But, while out of earshot of the king, Rordin pulls my arm and shoves me against the wall. "You think you're so high and mighty, maid?" He says this with a venemous tone. I shake my head rapidly, but he slaps me. "You're a maid. A stupid, unworthy maid. Act like it," Rordin says.

I feel tears well up as Rordin stands next to the entrance to the king's dining chamber. I swiftly get away from Rordin and run into another maid. "Watch it, scum," she says. I simply blink tears away and make my way to the king's bedchamber to clean.


I sit on my bed, staring at the walls around me. My father has just left after slapping me for something I didn't do. I feel the sting of the slap still; ada has rings on so I have bruises forming.

A knock sounds at my door. I open it to a maid, looking as if she'd seen an orc. "The king commands your presence in the library at once," she says. "Do you know what he wants?" I ask. She shakes her head. "But you have to come; he'll have my head if you don't," she says. I sigh and move past her, to the library.

I begin to run, thinking the matter urgent. If I delay, he may have my head as well, so I run so fast that I almost pass the library. I stop abruptly, smoothing my dress out and my hair back, then I take a deep breath.

I enter the library, my hands clasped together in front of me. I see his familiar platinum blonde, waist length hair falling down his back. I clear my throat. "Is there something you need, Aran nin?" I ask. He turns around quickly, as if startled. Then, seeing me, he smiles slightly. "Actually, I would like to ask you a few questions," he says, striding in front of me.

I swallow harshly; he's so tall compared to me. He looks down with a concerned look on his features. "Tell me, is something wrong? I've noticed you seem very... depressed. Your smiles no longer reach your eyes, you move as a rusty can would if it had legs, and your eyes never cease to be red and swollen from tears. So, tell me, is something wrong?" The king asks.

I clear my throat, not meeting his blue eyes. He sighs. "Look at me, Eren," he says harshly. I gasp in fear, and meet his eyes; they are icy and hard from anger. "I know something is wrong. As your king, I command you to tell me what is wrong!" He shouts. I step back as tears well in my eyes.

Then, I break down right there; I can't stop the tears and endless sobs. "M-my ada h-he abuses me,"I manage to squeak out. The king's hard eyes soften. "How long has this been going on?" He asks quietly. "Since I was twelve. After my mother died, he began to beat me over things that I hadn't done. He still does it to this day," I say quietly.

The king slowly pulls me into an embrace. "Also, the other elves like to bully me," I say. He pulls away and looks into my eyes. "They will never bully you again; your father shall never lay a hand upon you. That is my promise to you," he says, pulling me back into an embrace. I sniffle, and bury my face into his chest.

"Meleth nin, not one elf will ever hurt you again; tell me those that have so much as sent a horrible look in your direction, and they shall be banished," Thranduil says. I smile a genuine smile. "Thank you," I say. The king clears his throat and pulls out of the embrace.

"There was another thing I was going to tell you. Ever since I first laid my eyes upon you, I found myself unable to stop. Over these last few centuries, I have found it hard to stop thinking about you. Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I have fallen purely in love with you," he says.

I smile even wider; it happens to be the most genuine smile ever. "I believe the feelings are reciprocated," I say. The king smiles and connects his lips with mine.


I look at my soon- to- be husband at the end of the aisle. Slowly, I make my way down the aisle, smiling at him the whole way. He smiles in return, his blue irises boring into mine; beautiful glimmers of love are swimming in the pools of his irises.

I repeat only what I am told to, until it's time for our vows. Thranduil begins his vows:

"Eren, when I first laid eyes upon you, I felt something stir inside of me. I found that no matter what you did- do- you always look beautiful doing it. You are as gems of pure starlight: beautiful, pure, and you consume my every thought. I love you with every fibre of my being. I will love you even after my journey into the Undying Lands. You, Eren, are the epitome of the elleth; the example and role model I wish for others to follow. Eren, I pledge my immortal life to you."

I begin my vows:

"Thranduil, you haven't the slightest idea of how much you mean to me. There was a time in my life where I was so down, and I was hurting; the pain that consumed me was unbearable, literally and metaphorically. You noticed this, no matter how I tried to hide it, and called me out on it. Instead of treating me as scum, such as everyone else, you embraced me and comforted me. After this, my hurt and pain was no more.
     I have always admired you from afar. But, when you comforted me, and cared for me when no one else did, I knew that I wanted that for all of my life. So, I love you, Thranduil; I love you for everything. You are mine and I am yours. It will remain that way for eternity."

We kiss. Never in my life have I been so happy. But little do I know, my happiness will only increase exponentially.


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