Chapter 29

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The drive back to the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack seemed to be interminable. Ezekiel took over driving the car since the warriors all piled into the first car. Having the demon in the back seat made everyone uneasy. Silver chains all but engulfed the thing, making it too weak to even move. 

"How many days will it take us to get home?" 

"We'll stop a couple times, but they will just continue on. Only stopping to fuel up." 

"Is it such a good idea to leave them?"

Side smirking, he gripped the steering wheel a little harder. "My warriors can handle themselves, don't worry." Still with a grin on his face, he continued. "You'll make a fine Queen, already worrying about the welfare of her pack members." 

"Well, I mean, there is a demon in that truck. Would it not be natural to worry about those in the truck with that creature?" 

"Rest assured, my love, nothing will happen to any of my warriors."

Moving the seat back, Aylin decided to rest her eyes for awhile until they made it to their first rest stop. The looming threat of that demon escaping his chains, still bothered her. Though there were many skilled fighters in the truck, if something serious happened, all lives could be lost. Rather than dwell on the idea, she closed her eyes, and hoped the next place she would see is home. 

~Flashback to Dark Moon Pack~

"I'll do you one better. Take him with you." 

"That's insane. It takes minimum three days to get back to our pack!" 

"I'll give you as much silver as I can spare. Silver is much deadlier to them than it is to us. It can't hurt to try." 

Throughout the interaction, Ezekiel was silent, simply observing the two. Seeing them interact with each other, he could see why they would have killed each other in the first month. Their personalities were entirely too different. True, he was different from Aylin as well, but there was a distinct difference between the two Alphas. Ezekiel was making an effort to change, putting aside his former life to be with her. Daemon only did what he was told, though told it was the good of the pack, he made no effort to change her standing with the other pack members. Aylin fit much better in the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack, than she ever fit in with the Dark Moon Pack. 

"Fine, silver the damn thing, and we'll take it with us. Hopefully, no demons come sniffing around here for it." 

Aylin looked at her mate with astonishment. How could he think for a moment transporting it so far for so long was a good idea. Though it was to be silvered, there was always a risk of something, anything going wrong. As future queen of the pack, the idea of losing those in transport made her stomach hurt. "Zeke, are you sure?"

"We shouldn't linger here anymore. It's too dangerous, not only for us, but for Dark Moon Pack, as well." Looking over his mates head, there was a tension building in the room. He could see that Morris wanted to get rid of the demon, and this was the perfect way. "Morris, silver the thing, and bring it." 

Nodding, he turned on his heel, with Quill, and Angus on tow. 

"Zeke, is this such a good idea?" 

"I've evaluated the risks, and they outweigh the pros here, but if we want information, we need to take it with us."

"What are the pack members going to say when they see a demon coming onto their land? Silvered, or not?"

"If  they start to ask questions, then I will gather them all together, and make an announcement. Probably around the same time I make the announcement that you will be my queen."  Paused in place, eyes widened, none of that ever occurred to Aylin. "Go pack your stuff, we'll head out as soon as the thing is in the car." 

Watching his mate walk away, he suddenly realized how lucky of a wolf he had become. The circumstances were not ideal, but he knew having Aylin at his side that nothing would stop him. Demons may have been closing in around him, but if she did have demon blood in her, then the chances of winning against them were much greater. Taking into consideration his mates feelings, he knew that the more he stood at her side, encouraging her, the more that she would find her strength in helping to defeat Zagan.

~Flash forward~

The lines of the road ahead of him seemed to start blurring together. All the scenery around was dimly lit by the light of the moon, making everything look charcoal grey. Having lost sight of the first vehicle, hopefully they could make it back to the pack in two days, rather than three. Even though the king acted calm and collected, he was just as concerned as Aylin for his warriors.  Losing track of time, Ezekiel decided it was time to pull over, and rest for awhile. Gazing over at his sleeping mate, a small smile appeared across his lips. 

Not wanting to wake her yet, Ezekiel booked a room, putting their bags in. Going back to the car, he loved seeing her peaceful, sleeping face. Her expression carefree. Nothing could harm her; not the threat of demons, not her past, nothing. 

"Honey, wake up, we stopped for the night." 

Groaning slightly, and rubbing her eyes, she sat up. "How close are we to home?"

"Probably like a day and a half, or so." 

Eyes half-open, she started getting out of the truck. "You drove for that long?"

Shrugging his shoulders, Ezekiel smiled slyly. "I may have exceeded some speed limits." 

Shaking her head, Aylin just let it go. Arguing with him would get her nowhere, plus it was a way to get home sooner. The sooner, the better. Being away from the castle for so long was making her uncomfortable. A strange vibe had been plaguing her ever since they had arrived at Dark Moon. The more the days went on, the worse it became. 

Plopping on the bed face first, nothing felt more comfortable. All her muscles were tense, and contorted from sleeping in the truck. 

"Leave some room for me, will you?"

Moaning, she laid properly on her side of the bed. "I know this isn't our bed, but damn it, it's comfortable." 

Chuckling, Ezekiel found his sleepy mate adorable. "At least take your clothes off." 

"Is that how you sweet talk me?" 

A deep chuckle erupted from his chest. "Do I have to sweet talk you?"

"Well, My Alpha, that's all on you," she teased, poking his chest.

"When we get home, you are in for it, my love. We won't be leaving the bedroom." The seductive tone in his voice made Aylin shiver. "Behave yourself, my queen." 

Cuddling up next to Ezekiel, Aylin felt safe, and warm. Closing her eyes, she wanted to forget out her troubles, even if for a brief moment. 

"You're mine now." A deep, evil voice rang through her ears. Popping her head up in fear, the man holding her was not her mate. "You can't escape me now!"

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