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This story takes place in the middle ages and has nothing related to Korea. So when you read don't think about the Joseon era but western.

Living on earth and among the cosmos, do you really think there is only place for one species? We come from the stars. How? We don't know either. When our time has come we fall from the sky and collide with the world, with only one task. Our duty is the reason why we exist. To protect the one you're bonded to. Fallen Angels you could call us. Humans gave us another name. They call us all sorts of things. Beasts, Animals, Killing machines. But we are Infernals.

Humans live for only one thing.....themself. No matter how many people you trust, no matter who it be. When it comes to a life and death situation they will always put themself first. I think thats why the gods made us. We come to earth with a simple task. To protect the one we are bonded to. To put their life above ours. Once a human child gets born an Infernal is made too and bonded to the human.

We Infernals don't have feelings. We look human but we aren't. We are much stronger, faster, and fear none. The reason why humans hate us is simple. We are made to protect only the one we are bonded to. We are slaves searching for their masters. Meaning families can be seen as a threat and therefore be killed without a second thought. We got labeled as Killing machines and beasts. The emperor ordered every Infernal to be killed. We are wanted, but it doesn't stop the gods from sending us to earth. 

Some of us rebel. They learn to break free from the bond and live their own life. Living among humans or worst... Be their biggest nightmare on earth. Some do keep their task and try to protect their bonded ones. Most get killed in this process since the fear for Infernals is way too big. The bond isn't something that you can break free from when you want. I don't even know how.......

But I heard rumors. That some Infernals did start to create feelings, They started to feel fear. And learned to love and protect those who weren't even bonded to them. I'm curious to see the world. To get to know everything..........I'm curious to see the human that is going to be my master.

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