Jesus Cookies

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March 2017

Mey is now three. She's very well rounded. She loves the color pink and Pokemon. She loves watching My Little Pony and also Teen Titans Go. She a happy, smart and fun girl.

Mey and my son Kai both share a room. We got them bunk beds but Kai is still in his crib so we haven't set up both bunks yet. We just have one set up with the rail going all the way around so she won't fall. It was pretty much the top bunk set up as the bottom bunk.

One night, at around two or three in the morning, Mey came into my room. I hadn't heard her come in until she was right in my face and cried.

"Mommy! There are kids in my room!"

I shot up, scared out of my mind, not because of what she said but because she scared the living daylights out of me and I am usually a light sleeper.

"Mey, relax there is no one in your room." I told her tiredly.

"Yes there is." She cried so I got out of bed and grabbed her hand walking her down the hall to her room. I open the door and see my son sleeping soundly in his crib. Mey's nightlight is glowing enough so that I can see the whole room. There is of course, nothing in there.

"See Mey," I tell her pulling her next to me so she can see the room. "Nothing is in here."

"Yes there is." She whispers hiding behind my leg.

"Where, Mey? Show Mommy."

Then Mey slowly pointed to her empty bed.

"They said they want to be my friends."

What scared me about it was that she said they.

A few weeks later, Mey was constantly playing with the "friends" in her room. I looked up a lot of stuff online and most of them asked me if whatever it was, was hurting my daughter. That answer was always "No". Whatever she saw never hurt her or made her angry much like "Lion" did. So I assumed, if there even was something there with her, it wasn't bad.

Again, I have nothing to compare this too. I'm in the dark about all of this stuff. I decide to ignore it because Mey wasn't doing anything bad. She isn't breaking stuff and blaming it on her friends. She also isn't showing up with scars or marks on her body. This just led me to believe that they were indeed just imaginary.

That is until the Jesus Cookie incident. That had to by far be the worst decision I had ever made when it came to cookies...

Fast forward to September 2017. Mey has now turned 4 and has started VPK

One day at Wal-Mart I was looking for a snack for Mey to take to school. Mey picked out a box of "pink" cookies. The cookies weren't pink but the box was. Then I looked at the box.

They were labeled "Faith Cookies" and I laughed at them

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They were labeled "Faith Cookies" and I laughed at them. I have a strong belief in God but these cookies were clearly made for very, very, highly religious families. I remember thinking "I guess I'll get them because my demonic children need some Jesus." (I'm sorry but they really are little monsters.)

I laughed about it then but buying the Jesus cookies was a very bad idea.

About three days later in the morning, I put a bag of the Jesus cookies into Mey's book bag. Or at least, I tried to.

"No Mommy! I don't want those cookies!" she yelled pulling her bag away.

"Why not?" I asked her confused because for one thing, my kids never turn down cookies.

"Because my friends said they are bad."

"What friends? Your friends at school?" I remember being upset about that. Even if we weren't that of a religious family, the kids at school had no right to make Mey feel bad by saying her Jesus cookies were "bad"! But what she said next had me reconsidering.

"No Mommy, my friends upstairs in my room." She told me and she hadn't mentioned them in a long time. I wanted to believe they were just imaginary like I had all those months ago.

"What do they say?" I finally forced myself to ask.

"They said they are bad and to not eat them anymore. They hurt my friends."

That's when I knew...the friends weren't imaginary and I had to do something.

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