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Yuri waited hours for his guardian to come out the room and Victor waited anxiously besides him pacing back and forth across the room.

"Stop it, you're working yourself up and annoying me!" Yuri snapped.

Victor frowned and ignored him for a moment, what do we do if she dies?

"We support Yuuri I guess. Try to keep him happy."

You don't understand. He was a wreck earlier and she isn't even dead yet. What if he falls into a hole and we can't pull him out? What if he tries the same thing you did?

Yuri frowned wishing he had never jumped off that roof if only because it kept being brought up, "Stop panicking about something you don't know will happen yet. Yuuri has you and many other people who will help him. It's different when you know you have friends."

Victor stopped looking at Yuri sharply, but ignored the last comment not knowing what to say, Where -

At that moment Yuuri walked out a frown on his face. Victor immediately turned towards him looking worried. His lips moved and Yuri once again found how aggravating it was to not be included. Under different circumstances he might have said something. With this, it just seemed right that he stay quiet. It wasn't liked he knew what happened in that room. Mari walked out the room after him patting his back and saying something. Slowly, Yuri's face crumbled and he burst into tears. Victor hugged him stroking the shorter man's hair softly and saying, maybe mumbling something to him before they both followed Mari back into the room. Yuri didn't follow. If he was wanted he would've been invited. It wasn't that he didn't like Hiroko, she was the first one to show him how a mother was supposed to act, but at the moment he was not welcome. Eventually Yuri grabbed his skates and headed to the rink in a walk. When he got there he didn't practice he just lazily skated circles on the ice. He attempted an easy jump and fell. Not caring Yuri stared at the ceiling thinking of how unfair the world seemed. Why must good people be in pain while the bad ones have no problems.

Yuuko's face appeared above him her lips moving forming words and then a smile. Yuri sat up smiling, "I can't hear you and reading your lips is impossible upside down."

"I thought you got something so you could hear. Where is it?"

Yuri sighed slightly tired of the question, "Why do so many people worry about that? I'm deaf and if that's a problem for you you don't have to talk to me."

"Thats not what I meant."

"It's what it sounded like."

Yuuko frowned and pulled her phone out her pocket answering it, her face fell and she nodded. She exchanged words with whoever was on the phone and hung up looking upset.

"Come on, we'd better go. Hiroko just.... Just...."

"You don't have to say it, I already know."

Yuuko nodded and they both took off their skates walking to the hot springs spirits low. Yuuko hugged Yuuri and said things Yuri couldn't hear, he felt like he was in a silent movie. Things happened around him but he couldn't hear it and no one took notice of him. He wasn't even sure of what was going on.

Yuri pressed his lips together and walked to his room putting a TV show with subtitles on.

Yuuri closed his eyes hugging Yuuko, "She's gone, she's gone," he said trying to keep it together.

Yuuko teared up, "I know Yuuri we're all going to miss her."

Toshiya was hugging Mari crying quietly. Mari was solemn, her tears would be shed in private.

Yuuri pulled away from Yuuko and hugged his husband tightly, "Victor I want to move back home. I don't want to be in Russia anymore."

Victor looked surprised, "Is this the time to be making big decisions like that? You are upset already Yuuri."

"No, I'm sure of that. I want to be here in case something happens."

Victor nodded slowly, "Okay, I will miss my home, but for you I will come here. After all, you did the same for me."

Yuuri smiled a faded sad smile, "We'll have to find a home for Yuri. I don't think he would want to move and he doesn't know Japanese."

"I have some friends that might be willing to take him in. It'll be fine. You shouldn't be worrying about that right now."

Yuuri nodded, "I don't want to think about it I-" his voice cracked, "I can't."

Victor nodded hugging him, "I'm here for you Yuuri, we all are."


The funeral passed in normal Japanese tradition and the three stayed another week before going back to Russia.

Yuri, what would you think about moving? Yuuri signed on the plane ride.

Moving? Why?

Curious, maybe we could go to Italy or Germany or somewhere for a year.

Yuri frowned, I love Russia. I don't want to leave. It's my home even though so much bad has happened there. Besides, I've been everywhere, no one has better food then Russia.

Yuuri smiled tightly that sadness still lurking in his eyes, It's a good thing Victor turned down that contract in France then. He lied slightly. He was hoping the boy would want to move with them maybe, but it was obvious he loved where he was at.

Victor snored lightly in between them both. And the rest of the plane ride Yuuri stared out the window and Yuri watched others on the plane trying to figure out what people were saying from different angles. It proved a fun game for the first hour. Eventually he got bored of his and stood up and walked to the back of the plane restless. Yuuri glanced at him as he left and nodded at him. Yuri was in the back of the plane near the bathroom when it started shaking. He bit his lip grabbing the wall for balance. That's when he noticed that everyone had their seat belts on and the plane was packed, no seats to sit in except his at the front. Yuri slowly made his way back trying to balance in the shaking plane. He was almost to his row and saw Yuuri looking around frantically for him. Yuri waved slightly. That was his mistake, the plane shook and he lost his balance falling and hitting his head on the plastic part of the chair. He slid the rest of the way to his seat and sat there for a moment groaning before bursting out laughing as the people around him looked at him with concern. Yuri sat up and laughed again. The people on the plane looked at him as if he were a mad man. Yuri just got up and sat in his seat smiling.

Are you ok? Yuuri signed.

I'm fine, just hit my head.

Yuuri nodded slowly before looking out the window again his dark brown eyes soft and sad.

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