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"Was it worth it Fin?" Will asked, holding my hair back as I puked into the bushes. 

"Shut up Nee." I said, between bouts of puking. 

I only got one more shot down before I sprinted into the bushes to throw up the fireball, and the very little amount of food that I had eaten. 

Mitch was pissed at me, and Steph was trying to calm him down. 

I was being stupid. I knew I was being stupid. But it was my choice. If I was gonna be stupid then so be it. I had been through enough shit in the last year, that it was nice to just stop thinking and just be stupid. 

Once I was finished, Will went and got me a bottle of water, and a sweatshirt, seeing as though the sun was going down. 

"Thanks for doing this." I said, hugging him. "You're a really great friend."

"Anytime." he said, and I could hear the smile in his tone.

He took my hand and led me over to where they had started the fire pit. Steph and Mitch were cuddled up under a blanket on a love seat. The rest of the guys were taking up the other chairs, and surprisingly enough Auston was still there with his slut. He sat, stone faced on the other side of the fire from the only open chair.

Will pulled me over to the chair, and pulled me onto his lap. 

"Feeling better?" JVR asked, with a smirk.

"I feel fantastic." I said, sarcastically. 

The guys laughed, and I pulled the hood over my head.

"Well if it makes  you feel any better, Naz passed out in the guest room after puking all over my bathroom. So I would say you won." JVR said.

"Whoo!" I lifted my arms weakly in the air.

"Is there really any winners in a game of losers?" Hyman said, with a laugh.

"Shut up." I gave him the finger.

"Mitch, I like this girl." Will said, putting his arms around my waist.

I saw Auston tense at the contact. His date noticed as well.

"Austy, can we go back to your place?" She said, louder than anyone wanted her to.

"Are you ready for your first game as an ice girl?" Hyman asked.

"I don't know. What if I fall in the middle of the ice, and embarrass myself." I whined.

"You've been skating since you were 3 years old, Finley. You're gonna be fine." Steph rolled her eyes. 

"You've been skating since you were 3?" Will asked.

"Yeah. My parents said I saw a Habs game when I was little, and was so obsessed I wouldn't stop talking about it. I played until I was 16." I explained.

"Dude, that's amazing." JVR said.

"Why did it have to be the Habs?" Hyman asked.

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