how it started...

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Some characters aren't mine all credit goes to rightful owners only the ones I make are mine!

Darcys POV:
It was just an ordinary day, or so I thought....

I woke up and got ready for school, I had gymnastics today so I had to get my outfit and pom poms packed in my bag. Once I did this I went downstairs to make my breakfast, "ummmm what should I have today?" I muttered to myself, maybe something simple like waffles and Orange juice, yep that sounds good, I make my waffles and start pouring my orange juice in a glass cup, whilst im doing that there was a loud scream and then my front door swung open.... "Charlotte? What's wrong?" I questioned deafened by her loud scream that I could hear from outside, "uuhhh... I think someone was following me... I know it's dumb but I was on my way here to walk with you and I kept turning around to see a silhouette of a man but then he would disappear, I didn't think anything of it at first but then I felt someone rag my arm and when I screamed he let go and disappeared again..." I gasped I could tell she was telling the truth, I mean she was almost in tears, but for the guy to just disapear with every second it just isn't possible. "How abouts I make you some waffles too and then we can head off to school and I will miss second period with you as I can't miss first as I've got gymnastics but it will give me enough time to get back dressed at second period..." I say trying to cheer her up. She smiles and says: "sure." Minutes later ive made her waffles and we've both eaten so I ask my mum who was upstairs if we can take her car to school today and she replies with:"ofcourse but be safe." I smile and  take the keys.

as me and Charlotte (my bestfriend.) Get in the car and drive to school, we both get out and go to our classes. I go to the changing rooms and get dressed into my cheerleader outfit and grab my pom poms, no one else was in the changing rooms which meant I was late.... I rush and enter the gym "OMG!!! NOOO!!" I see all the cheer squad lying on the floor with blood all over them they are all pale and motionless "PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD... PLEASE!!" I start to cry and then I hear everyone giggle "APRIL FOOL'S!"

They all yell at me and i get really  sad as I remember finding my dad like this when I was out, he was drained of blood and it was marked as an animal attack... a tear rolls down my cheeks and Kelsey one of the cheerleaders sarcastically says:" omg can't you take a joke gosh." I scream at her and throw a pom pom  at her "I CAN TAKE A JOKE, BUT THIS ISN'T ONE, I'M OFF THE TEAM." I run out of the gym and back to the changing rooms I get dressed and run out of school crying I go to the woods ( place I found my dad drained off blood.)and cry to myself...

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