It's been a long while since I posted the last chapter. Life happened. But now, without further ado here's chapter 5!

Jason looked down at the woman resting below him on his chest looking like a well sated cat. Jenna. Sweet, sexy and exhilirating Jenna. It blew his mind and almost his penis when she readily complied to his demands and offered herself to him in one of the illustrations from her book.

Watching Jenna comply readily to his demands and planting her hands on the floor, her beautiful round ass up in the air for him as if on a platter was a sight he'd never forget. Not even if he'd develop alzheimer's.

Jason fingered through the strands of her hair. It was soft like silk. His hand threaded through the softness and held on. He pressed his lips on her temple. Jenna chose that moment to wake up, her eyes fluttering open to gaze up at him. His cock hardened in an instant.

She smiled a smile so warm and expressive Jason wondered why they didn't hook up sooner.

"Hhmm," Jenna mumbled. "Is it morning yet?"

Jason glanced at the window. It wasn't quite as dark as when he woke up half an hour ago to watch Jenna sleep. "Not quite," he replied then looked down back at her. He wiggled his brows and said, "Which means plenty of time for another round."

Jason watched as Jenna's skin flushed a lovely rose pink. After what they just did he didn't think he could say or do anything to make her blush. But he loved it.

His fingers left her hair and caressing her back, the path of her flushed skin down to her butt and squeezed.

She gasp and his cock swelled ever more it became painful. Jenna lifted up, pulled away the sheet covering their bodies and looked down between them at his erection. Her breath hitched and she quickly glanced back at him with a gleam in her eyes.

"Are you always this hard in the morning?" she asked.

Jenna slowly sat up and straddled herself over his legs. His gaze focused on the triangular patch of dark hair pointing down to her folds, already glistening wet for him. Grasping her waist he lifted her up over his length their gazes locked as she hovered above him.

Damn, he could have this woman one-hundred and one ways, probably all yoga positions, and he'd never tire of wanting to sink into her warm sheath. After one taste he already knew he was ruined for other women.

Her hands glided over him, splaying across his chest, moving up and down, all of her previous shyness gone. No, the woman before her rivalled the goddess of love Aphrodite herself. Her tongue darted out and licked her lower lip as she continued her perusal of him as if he was sex slave she was very interested in buying. And hell he didn't mind that at all.

Jason soon joined in showing off his goods to her astute eyes. He flex his pecs and his biceps. His tongue jutted out and licked his full bottom lip which rewarded him when Jenna -brown eyes now as dark and black as a starless sky- started rubbing up and down his cock.

He relished the feel of her but if she didn't stop he really will come like this. A travesty he'd never want to experience as nothing beat coming inside her as pussy clamped on his cock as she came too, milking him dry.

"Hungry," murmured Jenna. She looked down at him, her hair curtaining around her face. Wild and unreserved of her arousal, she started to buck harder and faster. Jenna gasped and Jason felt the tremors of a coming orgasm.


"Not yet, Jenna," Jason gasped. He grasped her hips to slow her down but she was too frenzied. So sensitive and sensual she was in a berserker state to come. There was no stopping her. As a man, it boosted his ego that a woman would want him so bad that she'll writhe madly in his arms for him. But as a man who always made sure to please his woman there was no way he'd be satisfied in not making her come hard- not knowing where they other began or end- with his fingers, his tongue and more importantly his cock.

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