Jade gasped for breath again, and felt herself shoot up into a sitting position. She coughed, blinking the water out of her eyes. She looked around.

She was still in her bathroom. The knife was lying on the floor two feet away where she had tossed it. Jade was alive. She had simply slipped into the water. Gritting her teeth once she was done spluttering water, Jade closed her eyes, frustrated more than she was anything else.

It wasn't over. The pain. The strangeness. The madness. The agonizing reality from which no escape existed but death itself. And yet every time she tried, even death eluded her.

For she wasn't meant to die yet. There was too much she still had to do. Her journey into craziness had just begun.


"You're leaving?" Pixie asked Jade, a distressed look on her face.

"Dude, I've been here all day, what more can I do?" Jade put on her coat, closing the buttons as she got to her feet.

Pixie was Jade's best friend. A round faced girl who dreaded interacting with people. If Pixie could have it her way, she'd turn invisible, or perhaps transform into a snail and never get out of her shell. But since she couldn't manage that, she resorted to staying cooped up in her precious room all night and day, lost in none other than the amazing and captivating world of internet. Just another one of internet addicts.

Pixie was an artist, a painter of such skill that anyone who saw her work couldn't help but admire it. However, that was just it; people rarely ever saw it in the first place. It had been Jade who had convinced Pixie to share her talent with the world. She had arranged an exhibition for the first time, and nearly forced Pixie to exhibit her work. Almost pushing her forward, Jade had helped Pixie see how much her art was appreciated.

So now, once a month, Pixie had a grand exhibition, earning enough to survive while she refused to see or meet anyone for the rest of the month.

"I have to go see Nathan today," Jade told her. "He's been calling for weeks and my phone was off so I didn't know. I switched it on last night and saw Woo Bin's messages."

"Oh, Nathan must be so upset, poor baby," Pixie commented. "You're so mean, you don't think about anyone. Not even yourself. Pull yourself together for heaven's sake. He's just a kid, he needs you."

"Yeah, that's why I'll go see him right now," Jade rolled her eyes.

Pixie waved from her spot on the floor, and Jade took her leave. That's what Jade loved about Pixie. She told her the truth clear and straight. And that too, without being judgmental like the rest of the world.


It was around four that Jade arrived at Woo Bin's apartment. It was the only place in the world she didn't mind going to, probably because Woo Bin was the only man in the world Jade didn't wish to see dead. He was different, not in flesh perhaps, but in soul. And Jade had never seen a man with the likes of him.

"Thank God, you're here," Woo Bin exclaimed as soon as he opened the door to find Jade standing there. "I'm honestly going to kill you one day if you keep this up."

"It's nice to see you too," she replied pointedly.

"Nathan has driven me crazy," he said sadly. "He wouldn't stop asking about you. And when I said I don't know where you are...he's being so stubborn. He refuses to come out of his room, doesn't eat, doesn't even..." Woo Bin sighed. "Just talk to him now and then; you know how he gets without you."

"I'm sorry about that, Woo Bin," Jade apologized. "You had to deal with that, covering up my mess as always. Even though you have so much going on in your own life. I owe you."

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