His REGRET (Ch. 9)

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Suddenly my phone is ringing. It was Tae? Yeaahh, i saw him grabbing his phone. Should i answer it? Okay i'll answer it.
Taehyung : "Y/N!! Thank god you answer me! Where are you? I was go to your house and seems like nobody in there, and now i was in front of were school to search you! Where are you babe?"
You : "uh.... Sorry babe if i make you worried, i'm in..."
Taehyung : "... Huh? Where are you?"
You : "i-i'm in...-"
Suddenly Jimin cut my word
Jimin : "who is that y/n?"
I was widen my eyes and whisper to him to shut his mouth up
Jimin : *whisper* "uh... Okay.."
Taehyung : "y/n-ah... Who is that? Sounds like... Jimin?"
You : "what? Jimin? I'm not with him! I was on my way home, just stay in my house and i'll be there for a minutes! Okay?!"
Taehyung : "o-okay?"
He ended the call and i saw Tae was turn back and go somewhere.
You : "huuffttt.... He was gone"
Jimin : "who is gone"
You : "a- uhm.. nothing..."
Jimin : "y/n-ah... Is that Taehyung? Your boyfriend?"
You : "yea?..."
Jimin : "are you still love him or just like him?"
You : "w-why are you asking that? O-of course i still love him..."
Jimin : "okay then..."
You : "sorry but i should go now"
Jimin : "okay bye"
You : "bye"
I leave him alone and decided to go home quickly... Because Tae is waiting for me
5 minutes later...
I've arrive to my house and go inside my house. I saw Taehyung watching TV and waiting for me...
You : "h-hi Tae"
Taehyung : "why take so long?" *Mad face*
God... He is so... Scary when he is mad
You : "a-are you mad at me?"
Taehyung : "ANSWER ME! You try to cheat on me huh?!"
You : "what?! What's wrong with you today Tae?"
Taehyung : "do you think i don't know who you are with? My though was right huh... IT WAS JIMIN RIGHT?!"
You : "h-how??"
Taehyung POV
I go to her house after i call her. Where is she??? This is going night time but she still not in her house...
5 minutes later...
I've arrive to her house. I go inside and waiting for her. I should text Jungkook if he has saw where is y/n before she is on way her house.

So it  was true that she is with Jimin huh? She has lie to me that she is not with Jimin

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So it was true that she is with Jimin huh? She has lie to me that she is not with Jimin. Suddenly i heard the door was open. It was y/n...
Your POV
Taehyung : "don't lie! Jungkook has tell me that you are with Jimin"
You : *mumbled* "uhh... Such a-"
Taehyung : "stop mumbling and answer me! Are you really with him or not?!"
You : "y-yea Tae... I-i'm so sorry. But i can explain"
Taehyung : *sigh* "fine... Go ahead"
You : "soo.... I was decided to go to the café and relax myself after practicing my dance task and suddenly Jimin appear and want to sit with me since we are a same school"
I'm not tell him about IU because i don't want this problem goes to Taehyung too... Just me, IU, and Jungkook....
Taehyung : "okay... But you are alone with him in one table?"
You : "yea..." *I was look down with a sad face*
Taehyung : "okay... Just tell me if you want to go somewhere. Or i'll be worry about you"
You : "okay Tae..."
He hug me so tight and say sorry because he was so over protective
I said that it's fine. And i say sorry to him because i don't tell him that i was in the café. He kiss my forhead and let go of me
Taehyung : "want to go outside tomorrow?"
You : "Sure!" *Wide smile*

To Be Continued...

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