The story of us.

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Ella Pearson's Pov

One month later...

I walked down the familiar hallways of my school with a smile. I was on time with ten minutes more to spare before my first class starts. I had my own car now and I got a part-time job where mum was previously working.

Mum had quit her previous job as she opened her own café with 60-40 partnership with the Stone family. It turned out that, Brody's mother, Katnice was my mother's old classmate and it didn't take much to convince her to invest in my mother's new venture which she supported fully.

I met Brody's family three weeks back and as Brody had informed me, they loved me and so did I.

"Hey babe." I stopped dead in my tracks when I heard Sam's voice from behind me.

Turning around, I said. "So I am no more your bitch?" I pouted my lips at her.

"Nope." She teased, popping the 'p' as she flicked my lips making me yelp at the contact.

I scowled at her which made her laugh. "I see, you've given the title of your bitch to Alex." I crossed my arms, feigning an unhappy look.

"Uh-huh." Sam wiggled her eyebrows at me suggestively making me fake a gag.

Alex and Sam started dating, finally. A week ago, Sam agreed to be Alex's girlfriend after going out in an innumerable dates with him. She realised how amazing Alex was and what she had been blessed with.

"I can be your bitch too, if you want me too." I heard his voice from behind me before i felt his arm rest on my shoulders.

Brody grinned down at me cheekily, wiggling his eyebrows at me in a teasing manner.

"That you already are." I poked my tongue out at him.

Surprise crossed his features before he threw his head back laughing like a little kid. A smile slipped on my lips on its own accord.

"Too much love in the atmosphere. I am choking." Sam cried dramatically, waving her hand in the air with a wild look on her face.

I scowled at her. "Just because Alex is not here."

She clicked her tongue at me before giving me a half hearted smile. "I miss him."

I snorted in disbelief. "He just dropped you to school, you hoe."

Alex always dropped Sam to school as our school was on his way to college. Sam already had made plans to join that same college for two reasons, the college had Alex in it and she wanted to be close with him because that's how clingy she was and second was, that college was the best in the course she wanted to continue after she graduates from high school.

"I still miss him." Sam shrugged before sighing heavily.

Brody chuckled at his best friend's overdramatic girlfriend's attitude but didn't comment anything on it.

Our conversation was cut short when the bell rang indicating the start of our first class.

"That's our call." Brody said turning me around with his hand still on my shoulders and walking towards the direction of our class leaving Sam behind.

"Hey, you can't leave me behind. I will tell Alex." She complained as she slung Brody's other free arm over her shoulders.

When she noticed the look Brody gave her, she simply poked her tongue out at him. "We..." She moved her finger between me and her before continuing. "...are a package. So you're kind of dating me too." She joked winking at Brody.

"Lord save me." Brody muttered jokingly as he made a horrified face at both of us.

Laughter spilled from the three of us as we made our way towards our classroom.

I saw Alexis on our way to the classroom who was with her friends. She glanced my way but unlike the other days, her face didn't register jealousy or hatred. She simple turned around and continued talking with her friends before they started making their way towards the classroom too. They were walking a couple of feet ahead of us.

She used to be jealous of me being with Brody, it used to be written all over her face as soon as she spots us but she never did anything to break us apart that is, after we moved out from her place. We never talked after that but there was a mutual understanding between us and no hatred.

Gisele wasn't exactly happy with how things turned out to be but she had no say in our life anymore. I was set to charge some sort of legal actions against her and Mr. Leighton who had hidden the real will of my father but mum didn't want that. She wanted to be free and didn't want to keep any sort of relationship with Gisele nor did she want any revenge, as she had put it as.

Mr. Leighton's wife, Paige had filed a divorce and also appealed for the custody of her daughters. I could see Mr. Leighton was regretting and was guilt ridden by his actions as regard to the last time I saw him, that is, him getting out of Paige's mother's house where Paige was currently living with her daughters, when I was on my way along with my mother to visit Paige.

He had apologized to us and said how ashamed he was of his actions. Mum told him she had forgiven him but I did not, I couldn't just forget it.

That was the last I saw of him.

"Babe, what you dreaming about?" Brody asked, once we were seated in our seat. I saw Sam glare at the two of us before taking a vacant seat at the back.

I shook my head at him, giving him a smile.

"Your thoughts should only be about me." Brody smirked arrogantly making me roll my eyes at him.

"Yeah rig-"

I was cut off when he leaned down, his lips pressing on mine before kissing me softly. I kissed him back eagerly forgetting for a second we were inside a classroom, as I felt him smile in our kiss.

I pulled back as soon as our surrounding registered on my mind.


"I love you." Brody whispered which successfully shut me up and a smile stretched on my lips.

"I love you too." I whispered staring at his eyes which was filled with love for me and I was certain my expression mirrored his.

Looking back, I didn't regret anything. Everything wrong in my life worked together to make something right and that was Brody who I loved with everything in me.

I could never express how happy I was that he had found my lockett- dad's last gift to me, and eventually the lockett helped him find his Cinderella, as he had mentioned it to me once.

My dad once again had helped me, even after his death. It was his lockett that had brought Brody to me and also set a path for me to find the one who truly cared about me.

It wasn't long before classroom door opened and our teacher walked in, ready to start his class. Brody and I faced the front and gave our attention to our teacher.

I'd suffered for so long, now good things were ought to happen with Brody by my side.


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