Chapter 6

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I quickly let go of Y/n's hand and greeted my other members.

"Hyung, why are you with Y/n? Were you on a date?" Jeongin teased.

"Were you holding hands???" Seungmin and Minho hyung teased even more.

"Yah! Hajima! Y/n's getting embarrassed, I looked at her getting shy.

We ended up tagging along with everyone and walked around the shopping mall. I kept glancing at Y/n and found her looking at Felix. I could tell she liked him by the way she looked at him. I saw them talk and laugh.

"Hyung, what's your relationship with Y/n?" Jeongin asked, wriggling his eyebrows.

Y/n abruptly interrupted, "We're just childhood friends, it's been a while since we last talked."

They all nodded understandingly. My heart ached. I really liked her. For her sake and happiness, I promised myself I would remain as her friend and brother. If Felix ever hurts her or makes her cry, even if they're not dating, I'll take her away.

Y/N's POV~

He swiftly let go of my hand and went to his friends. They teased him about us being on a 'date', I blushed and got shy when they asked if we held hands. Jisung told them to stop and looked at me with pink cheeks. Although we ended up tagging along with Stray Kids, I kept looking at Felix. We talked and laughed.

Jeongin suddenly asked Jisung what our relationship was, and I abruptly answered that we were just childhood friends. I didn't want Felix to have a misunderstanding in my friendship with Jisung. I looked over at Jisung, he seemed hurt, but he agreed with me.

*~*~*Next Day, School*~*~*

School went as usual, boring classes and fun recess. April, Melinda and Bo kept nagging me about yesterday with Stray Kids. I was in the middle of explaining when Felix asked for me. I got my hopes up for nothing, he was asking about Bo. He wanted advice on how to approach her and ask her out. He said he would text me tonight to talk more. I returned to my seat,

"So, what did he say?" April pried.

"Yea, did he ask you out?" Melinda piped in.

Bo kept silent waiting for my answer.

I told them it was nothing and we moved to our next class.

Jeno had been missing a few days of school and I was getting worried. He doesn't reply to any of my calls or texts. I finally decided to ask the teacher, "Ms, where's Jeno? He hasn't been at school for a while."

The teacher told us to listen up and told us that he transferred to Korea and will be continuing his studies there along with Chenle. I was upset that he hadn't mentioned anything to me, especially since he was my friend.

That night Felix texted me like he said.

Felix: Hey

Y/n: Hey

Felix: What should I do??? I don't know how I'll ask her out?!?!?

Y/n: Wow... why do you like her???

Felix: She's so funny, nice, smart, energetic, her eyes are amazing, her laugh is cute and her smile is just perfect.

I stopped typing and put my phone down. Tears had started running down my cheeks, falling onto my screen. I quickly wiped them away.

Y/n: That's cute

Felix: She doesn't even know I like her

Y/n: That's a shame.

Felix: I really like her.

Why couldn't it be me? Why did it have to be one of my good friends? My tears wouldn't stop flowing. My heart was aching. I typed one last time before saying goodnight.

Y/n: You should ask her out...

Y/n: I'm gonna sleep now. Good night ;)

Felix: Ok, let's talk about this tomorrow. Good night.

I couldn't take it anymore. I put away my phone and cried myself to sleep. I just wanted to be hugged. I was going to give up on him, he liked my friend, I should let him be happy. I was only a friend to him...


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Onion! OML it's been a while since I last updated. I'm so sorry! I've been so busy with studies and  I have been preparing for a lot of things. I recently had a debate and my team won despite being first timers...we WON!!!!  

Sorry if this chapter was super crap. It was really rushed. I hope y'all are having a FABULOUS  time. I still hope you enjoy my story! I may not update next weekend due to a music camp I am attending. (What fun. More socializing.) 

Have a great day/night!

Have a great day/night!

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