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My father once told me to face my fears, just go up and say ' I'm not afraid'. So I looked him in the eyes and said just that.


Maybe If I closed my eyes, it would all go away. Keeping my eyes shut, I mentally count to 10. I slowly peer through my eye lashes fearing the sight. 

Oh no. He's still there.

He still looked angry, but I couldn't help but notice when his lips slightly twitched up, begging for a smile.

As my eyes wandered towards his lips, the urge to kiss him became more than I could handle. I wearily took a step back, feeling too intoxicated in this room. 

I needed to remember what was at hand now. What I had to do. I can't be here. I can't stay here with this monster.

With my mate.

I wanted to touch him. To have him hold me. I wanted him, and that was bad. His dark green eyes met mine, it was just too much. I didn't want to feel this way. I can't feel this way. 

"I-I need to go." I muttered out. I couldn't hold his stare any longer. I Took another step back and prepared to leave. 

"You came to me." He's deep voice rang through my ears like a bell. 

"R-right." I couldn't leave yet. There was something I had to do first.

"I Rose Edwards reject you, Hunter-" 

I couldn't finish my line as I was lightly pushed back. He held me tight towards his chest with my back firm against the wall. 

"Do you really think you could reject me? The strongest Alpha alive? Well think again Ms.Edwards. You belong to me. Every part of you, everything about you, is all mine. Got it?" His lips slightly grazed my neck as he made his demands. 

My knees felt too weak, I couldn't even reply. 

"Do you understand?" His lip brushed the side of my neck before he placed a small delicate kiss there. 

"I don't want any boy to look at you, think about you, or even know you. You are all mine." This time, it wasn't a question. 

My senses finally came back to me as I realized how bad this had gotten. He held most of my support as we stood flushed against each other. As if we were connected in a way. 

I dragged my hands up towards his torso, stopping just below his chest. Taking a big breath I pushed forward. 

In my mind I imagined him flying across the room. In reality I pictured he would stumble a step back. But never did I think he would do what he did next. 

He didn't move an inch. If anything, he somehow came closer to me. That was odd. I mean sure, he was an Alpha. The Strongest at that. But, I was a grey wolf. A trait that gives you great strength as a human, then again, he is also a grey wolf. I  always found that odd. How my grey fur of my wolf didn't make my wolf any special but somehow made my human form stronger. 

But he was different. He was the only grey wolf out there aside from me. It worked differently for him though. He had great strenght in both human and wolf. I once heard a rumor that he alone could take down 12 wolves at once. I shuddered at the thought. All the people he killed, all the children left without parents. 

I was so engrossed with my thoughts that I didn't notice when his head snuggled towards my neck. You would think the tingles that left him body to mine would wake me up from my deep thought, but no. 

I didn't realize what was happening until it was too late. Until his teeth sank into my neck forever marking me.

I wanted to scream, but I Couldn't. My mind hated this, knew it was wrong. But my wolf fought. My wolf wanted this. Wanted the mate that belonged to us. 

I don't remember much after that. Just small drops of a liquid dripping down my face. I was too numb to feel it, but I later realized it was tears. My own tears that came from imagining the future that was in store.

I tried so hard to stop this. I didn't want this. I don't want this. As weird as it sounds, I don't want to be with my mate. 

Because my mate, the Alpha of the Dark moon pack; the strongest and most feared pack out there, was a cruel, hopeless monster. 

I am mated to a monster. 

I am mated to my Doom.


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