c. one

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"New game. If I win, you owe me fifty bucks each!" I smirked under the dimmed light that shone above the pool table. Sweet Pea chuckled as he set the balls up in the ball rack.

"You're on" Fangs challenged, as he watched me walk around the table, squeezing myself in between him and Sweet Pea.

They both stepped back as I held my stick in a good position to hit the balls. Focusing on the balls perfectly placed in front of me, I positioned the stick on a good angle.

"Don't f*ck up" Sweet Pea coughed behind me as he walked around me. Lifting my head up to him, I gave the tall boy a dirty look before hitting the balls, watching them fly across the table.

Straightening up again, I smirked at Sweet Pea. He simply chuckled and shook his head, waiting for Fangs to have a go. I watched him hit the balls and miss complete. "Man, you're f*cking shit" Sweet Pea admitted while walking around the table.

I laughed at his harsh, but truthful comment, and took a sip from my cold lemonade sitting on the bench behind me. Continuing the game, I watched at Sweet Pea and how he hit the balls with such ease and grace.

Knowing he had done a good hit, Sweet Pea turned his head to face me sitting on the bar stool with his signature smirk on his lips. I rolled my eyes at him and smiled as I went over to the table for another turn.

We continued to play our game, Sweet Pea leading by one point, until my phone started to ring from my back pocket. I groaned in annoyance before checking it, my sister's name appearing on the screen. "Yes?" I snapped, annoyed Veronica was calling in the midst of a game.

"Millie, come to the hospital. Now!" My sisters voice held a scared, worried and frightened tone in it. The line then went dead, leaving me confused why she was urging for me to hurry to hospital.

Handing my stick to one of the older men that was very good at pool and watching our game, I hurried out of the bar. I heard Fangs and Sweet Pea yelling out for me, but I was already out of the and in my black car.


When I arrived to the hospital, standing in a circle was Veronica, Jughead and Betty. They were in the midst of a deep conversation, none of them noticing me approach them.

"What?" My sister says confused. "Is that an actual theory?" She asks Jughead. I listen to the conversation, trying to figure out what the hell has happening, and where the fourth member of the awesome foursome was.

"Not according to Sheriff Keller. But if you ask me, people have grudges. People have enemies. I mean, think of where we live. Fathers are killing sons. It's entirely conceivable this was a hit." Jughead says.

"Okay, or the wallet's just at Pop's. So we'll check it out Vee." Betty calmly says, nudging Jughead. "Why are you looking for wallets? And why the hell are we in a hospital?" I break my silence, causing the three friends to jump from appearance.

"Oh my god, you're safe. Thank god." Veronica walks up to give me a hug which I refused. Her action surprised and confused me.

"Fred Andrews was shot in Pop's" Betty whispers with worry. I gasp and look at them to make sure they weren't bullsh*tting. But they weren't.

"Wha-why? When?" I ask. "This morning." Betty informs me on the shocking news. Once she finishes telling me what happened, her and Jughead leave the hospital to go back to Pop's while Veronica sits down on the chair. I walk over to my mother who had a strict and unimpressed look on her face.

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