28: Change.

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Ella Pearson's Pov

Apparently, the lawyer who we hired to go through the will of my father was Brody's uncle, his mother's brother, Mr. Wallis.

With Brody requesting him to look into our problem first, the procedure was easy and quick. The will clearly stated what my father wanted, that is, after his death, the last property he had, which we had no clue about, was to be sold and the money was to be given to us so that we live a comfortable life even after his death.

My dad had it all planned out for us. He decided to take care of us even when he was not around. He did so much for us despite his deteriorating health.

He love us till his last breath.

"Come on, Ella." I felt a tug on my arm making me look at my mum who was crouched down beside me by my father's and her husband's grave.

I wiped my tear streak cheeks and smiled back at her. We decided to visit dad's grave today because it was his second death anniversary and we had brought flowers and candles for him which we had placed on his grave stone.

Today was also the day, we'd be shifting to a new home from the Goodwill's house. I have yet to see the house. All I knew was, the place was ready and our things were already deported to our new home.

My dad's last property was sold as per his will and the money we got from it was safely deposited in the joint account of my mother and I. The first thing mum did after she received the money was clear all of Gisele's debt and break free from any bondages Gisele had on us.

"Let's go home." Mum said softly taking my hand in hers, giving it a light squeeze. I nodded standing up along with her ready to start this new path of my life.

We walked out of the cemetery and saw Brody leaning on his car, his arms crossed and head down. He had so kindly offered to drive us to the cemetery.

Hearing the crunch of our footsteps on the gravel at side of the road, Brody lifted his head up and smiled at us.

He understood we needed to be alone with dad so he offered to stay back and wait for us. I wasn't exactly complaining about his decision. I needed this alone time with dad and I knew mum thought the same thing too.

Not today but definitely one day, I'd bring Brody along to meet dad.

We got in the car, with mum taking the backseat instead of me insisting she take the passenger seat.


My heart thumped against my ribcage as Brody drove through the familiar neighbourhood. I looked at mum through the rear view mirror to see her already looking at me with a loving smile.

Tears welled up and a sob threaten to escape past my lips when the car stopped infront of a familiar house.

Brody gave me a soft smile before getting out of the door while i sat where I was, glancing out the window towards the familiar beige one storey house that I grew up in.

Brody opened the door for me before he did the same for mum.

I closed my mouth with my hand as I felt liquid leaked down my eyes and on my hand that was covering my mouth.

Memories started flashing through my mind. It was the same house we had lived in before dad died, the same house I had grew up in, the same house I had helped my dad paint, the same house I was once happy in.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning around swiftly I embraced my mum in a tight hug, sobbing into her shoulders.

She chuckled lightly at my reaction as she smoothed the back of my hair whispering sweet nothings in my ear.

I pulled away from her before my eyes once again landed on the house.

"How?" I choked out. My voice thick with emotion.

Last time I checked, the house was bought by a family who were too happy with the cheap rate when the house was well maintained and without any need for renovations. They seemed too happy with the house to leave it.

"Brody helped me in getting back our home." Mum whispered beside me making me look at Brody. I didn't bother to ask how they were able to do this because it didn't matter to me. All that mattered was, the house was once again ours.

He gave me a small smile as my eyes landed on the guy who had managed to win my heart and soul since day one.

"I will go and check if all the things are here." Mum said with a knowing smile as she made her way towards the house. I nodded at what she said but my eyes were on Brody, unable to look away from him.

I heard the door close in a distant. I took two steps towards Brody and kept my hand on his chest rubbing it softly, my eyes on his as he gazed down at me with so much love and tenderness.

His gaze made me feel beautiful and wanted.

Unable to contain my emotions anymore, I stood up on my tip toe, connecting my lips with his. I kissed him slowly before he gripped my waist pulling me closer than I already was. He deepened the kiss, with consumed my whole sense. But we had to pull back for air eventually.

He pressed his forehead on mine, as we tried to bring our breathing back to normal though he didn't seem as effected as me. I swallowed before saying what i had never said out loud.

"I love you." I whispered.

Hearing my declaration, a soft smile graced his face as he leaned down to peck my lips once. "It took you one week to say it back." He teased, making me giggle.

"Do you want me to take it back?" I asked, with a teasing smile, pulling away from him a little.

He scowled at me before his grip tighten on my waist, pulling me back to his chest. He dipped his head down capturing my lips in a searing kiss that made my toes curl.

He pulled back quickly making me whimper in protest which made him smirk arrogantly down at me.

I pouted at the lost of his lips making his smirk turn to a smug smile. I tried to kiss him but he leaned his head back making me kiss his jaw. "Brody." I whined.

"Say it again." He demanded giving a squeeze to my waist.

I knew what he wanted to hear so i said it without any second thoughts. "I love you Brody." I whispered huskily, trying to make myself sound seductive. To make it more effective, i placed a kiss on his neck making him grow stiff and I saw his Adam apple bobbed up and down.

I smirked knowing I got him.

"Tease." He grumbled under his breath making me giggle again.

He glanced down at me with narrowed eyes before a warm smile spread on his lips. "I love you Ella." He whispered the same way I did before kissing me softly and passionately.

We pulled away after a while. I ginned up at him goofily making him smile down at me lovingly as he tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear.

I pecked him once before linking my fingers with his, pulling him towards the house.


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