Chapter 2

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Louis POV:

Silence filled the stadium as I stepped forward ball pinned underneath my foot and the ground.

The best player of the other team made his way through meeting me in the middle of the field.

I waited for the umpires whistle before shooting off, it all happened in slow motion for me, I stepped backwards lining the ball up, my team mates behind me, watching eagerly for a chance to kick it pas the opponents, the ball was shoot off landing with a thud, everything from then was fast motion, number 29 kicked it to me, as we negotiated ourselves around the team, I kicked it behind to number 15, who took a shoot at getting it to number 2, but missed giving the ball to the other team, my job now was to stop it getting any further. I kicked into action saving it from the other team mate as he proceeded to score a goal. "Saved by Tomo" yelled the sports representer.

High up above me in a V.I.P room little did I know a young model was watching my every move.

I ran the ball back to the opponents goal and almost effortlessly I shot a goal.

I came down from the adrenaline of my high as I slapped my number 12's hand my best mate Dan had a huge grin, and we prepared for more of a rush, as the opposite team again had the ball.

Eleanor's POV:

Libby clutched my arm tightly "Isn't he cute" she told me, pointing at directly at number three.

"You can't even see his face" I protested.

"But he's tall and fast, look at that save" she told me, I rolled my eyes.

"Please Libby, just watch the match"

"I cannot just watch the match" she cried "Oh I hope we get to meet the players afterwards.

Despite my lack of interest I find my eyes were a magnet for him, watching him run with the ball, it seemed so flowing for him so easy, I watched him shoot another goal, brush hands with player twelve and keep on running energetically, half of me wanted to slip away after the game finished, but the other part of me was more curious then nervous.

The game ended 5 goals to nill, his team had won Manchester had done it again, Dad would be proud, he was a full on Manchester supporter.

 We heard the clunk of shoes coming up the stairs, Libby had beaten me to submission as she wanted to meet some of the players I reckon she wanted to meet number 2 most. I knew from the sports presenter he was nick name Tomo.

From the showers trooped in the players, celebrating, I watched number 2 especially, although dressed in regular clothes he broke away from the team mates and headed for the table with light snacks, he took a plate from the stack, at the very moment I told myself of for looking at him like I was in grade three again, but I couldn't help it my eyes glued back. He placed carrot sticks and cheesy dip on his plate, collected a glass of Fanta and took a sit on the un crowded lounge by the cool air conditioner and TV, he was totally away from his mates.

Libby had left my side, dishing out her notepad to receive autographs typical. Her voice rings in my ears "Go and say hello" is what she'd tell me "go on don't be a little girl about it"

I'd always make an excuse about the way a guy looked or acted just so I wouldn't have to go near him and try for a conversation, but this time, I couldn't think of a reason why I shouldn't at least say a brief hello and this for me was a first.  


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