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how to win top 10!
easy way:
okay so pretty much following on from my last tip. always hide in places where someone's already been because chances are no one'll come back. hide in houses with doors open because if they see the doors are open they won't go in.  or you could build yourself a base. if you're planning on surviving, land somewhere with loads of trees like moisty mire because there's so many there. plan on getting max wood and maybe about 700 brick. get a good amount of metal too. crouch when you need to and always pop shields. finding chug jugs are so good because they refill all your health and shield. always make time for medkits and healing up. build if you're falling from a height. and in the last battle, always use guns you feel comfortable with. if you can't snipe, don't use a sniper use a scar or pistol or RPG. if you can't use pistols or shotguns, use a scar or sniper, you get it. if you use your favourite guns you're more likely to succeed. remember one thing; grab that height advantage.
hard way:
so i've had some people asking how to win aggressively. i'm just going to put what i think aggressively is. so yeah let's get into the tips.
if you want to win and not be a wuss at the same time, don't hide in houses. play like dakotaz. you land at tomato town or tilted towers or loot lake, grab a good gun and ammo and some medkits, sheilds and maybe another gun and leave. go for the circle straight off and kill as many people as you can on the way. if you land with someone you can either move out the way and risk not having a building or you can stay there and get the first gun and the last laugh. pushing people is essential. if you're behind a guy sitting in a tower sniping, build up and take him from behind. he won't see you coming. that can also happen to you though so be careful. and if there is people who are going to eventually be swallowed by the storm in a base, don't risk going to them because they're going to have to move anyway. lay traps too. all the time. and use launch pads if you need to get to the circle. at the end, make sure you're full sheild and full health and just go straight for it. don't even worry. you don't have time to fuss in fortnite. just go straight for the head and chest and shoot. always use your favourite guns. make sure you have enough wood and all ideal equipment. if you've got a good  gun but you find one better, don't just drop yours, hide it so no one can use it against you. most importantly though, HAVE FUN!!!
hope yall enjoyed this long ass chapter it took me ages.

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