Chapter 5: 12:00AM

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Jimin's eyes are fixated on you as he watches one of his best friends flirt with his pick

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Jimin's eyes are fixated on you as he watches one of his best friends flirt with his pick. He had called first dibs, and now two other boys are trying to claim the dibs he had called.

That is so unfair.

You're having a nice conversation with Jin, with Yoongi waiting his turn to charm the heck out of you against the wall opposite of the two of you. The cheesy dad jokes he's sharing with you are actually making you laugh.

How could someone this great befriend that black haired, arrogant kid behind you? You really wouldn't ever understand.

"Let's meet up again. We could go to the carnival down the street tomorrow? I can pay."

Jin's unbelievable charm has you swooning over him. "Yeah..! Yes! Definitely! Do you live here?"

"Sixth floor," Jin nods in confirmation, earning your sweet smile. "Lets just meet up at the lobby tom-" Jin interrupts you with another request.

"I was thinking.. perhaps we could meet up at my apartment?"

You just bought new pepper spray yesterday. If he tries to pull anything stupid, you've got yourself covered.

"Yeah. That's alright," you smile as you run into your apartment, which was right next to you, to grab a pen and a sticky note, and run out.

"Here is my number, Kim Seokjin. I won't be able to respond today because I've gotta finish moving, but text me tomorrow morning, alright?"

Jimin was infuriated. He kicks the wall behind him and grunts. "This is so unfair!" He whisper yells before the paler boy beside him grabs his shoulder and gives it a nice squeeze to tell Jimin to calm the fuck down but in a less vulgar fashion.


Tomorrow becomes today right before your eyes on the lock screen of your phone. You're absolutely thrilled— you're going to a carnival in a few hours with Jin.

But.. why were you so nervous?

You have absolutely no idea how to flirt, and you're going with Jin.

If you somehow manage to befriend Jin in anyway shape or form, you're going to have to deal with any other (stupid) friends he may have. That's a good and bad thing because you could make more friends, and because one of his friends just so happens to be the one and only Park Jimin.

Say, how did you know his name? Well, you did overhear Yoongi yelling at Jimin yesterday. It was either that, or he actually told you. You couldn't think straight because it was midnight; you had to be up and ready to spend the day at a carnival at 10:00, and you were so exhausted that your body was literally aching and your vision was blurred and tripled.

You decide to prepare yourself a nice bowl of Cheerios.

The best midnight snack.

Now, you were sitting on your couch, staring at the television as you chomped on your delightful midnight snack, and the strangest thing about this was that your television was still in its box. You weren't even sure if the box before you was your television or not.

Nonetheless, there was something for you to stare at, something to help you lose focus... if only you could gain enough focus to stare at the box without your vision tripling. You take in another spoon of your cereal, staring at the translucent, glossy tape sealing the box.

Then you hear your door being knocked on, so you instantly holler, "I'm sleeping!"

"No, you're not."

Ugh, it's him.

You sluggishly drag your person to the door and open it just enough for him to see your head. "What do you want, and why are you knocking this late?" Jimin exhales, his finger playfully tracing tiny patterns on your door. "Let me in," he commands. "Are you dying?"


"Is anybody dying?"

Jimin slowly shakes his head, granting you permission to slam the door in his face. "Wait!" You can hear his desperate begging from the other side of the door, even over the banging. "I need your help."

Why does he need your help?

You ask him why he would even need your help; he's usually the one to help you and that's because you're so short. "I dropped my phone and kicked it under my bed on accident, and I need someone tiny to retrieve it for me."

You don't like the way he said that.

But still, you decide to help him. "Fine," you bark, "-I can show you the benefits of being small." You shove Jimin out of your way with your shoulder and make your way to his apartment. Why do I trust him? You think to yourself as you travel down the hall and into Jimin's bedroom. You turn around to look at Jimin. "Do you have a flashlight?" You ask, searching his room with your eyes. "Nope," he casually answers, leaning against his drawers, which stands under his television and his collection of vampire books.

"You're strangely obsessed with vampires," you chuckle to yourself as you karate kick the bathroom door wide open. Your eyes scan the room until they land on just what you were looking for.


"Am not," Jimin sneers as you snatch the tiny mirror off of the wall. You turn the light switch on and position the mirror so the light lands on it, then you run back to your apartment. You return to your neighbor's bedroom with an insanely long glow-stick made up of other glowsticks, and you sit it down on the mirror for a good few minutes.

You slide the glowstick under the bed until it bumps into a small object. You peer under the bed to see the dim light land on Jimin's phone.

Now that you have an idea where the phone is, you slide under the bed until.. you can't.

You're stuck, but on the brighter side, at least you're not that small. You've managed to slide all the way under until your butt hits the bed frame.

"Jimin, your bed frame is smaller than me. What a surprise."

You can feel the smirk form on Jimin's face as you grab his phone, then make an embarrassing attempt to pull yourself out from under his bed. "I have your phone," you inform him, " so pull me out. I'm stuck."

He practically yanks you out from under his bed before snatching the phone out of your hands. "Thanks, you can go home now."

"I can show you the benefits of being small."

You should have also said, "I can show you the benefits of not having my head up my ass."

You don't even respond as you practically run back to your apartment, exhausted from all of the effort you had put into grabbing a phone. Finally, although it took too much focus and effort to simply close your eyes and relax, you fall into a deep slumber.


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