Chapter: ~ Inseparable

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Xavier's POV:

I opened my eyes to see her lying all over me...without clothes. My whole day goes awesome after seeing her beside me everyday on our bed.

She has awaken as I felt her body shifting over me. She rubbed her eyes and tilt her face to look at me.

She remained at her place and passed a cute smile to me.

'Good morning.', I greeted with a smile. She replied smiling.

'What?', She asked as I kept staring at her. I can never get enough of looking at such a cute face.

'You are turning me on.', I said with a smile.

'You never get tired. Wasn't it enough the whole night?', She said raising her eyebrow.

'It was because you wanted a celebration for your promotion in college. Now I want to celebrate my promotion as my company's shares reached much higher yesterday.', I explained my point.

'It was more than enough for a celebration.', She said and I caught her blushing.

I flipped her to hover her body with mine.

'Xavier.. stop it.', She said laughing as I started tickling her.

She stopped when I arrested her hands above her head with my one hand.

I smooched her lips and she did to mine very sincerely. Our hormone get more sincere making us more turned on.

I kissed her neck and took small bites of her body. I left her hands because they were craving to roam around her other parts of body.

'Xavier...', She stopped me and cupped my face to make me look at her.

I looked into her eyes which are smiling at me with love.

'There is one more promotion.', She said and admired my face.

'And what's that?', I asked with same amusement.

She shifted a little and kissed my lips. I closed my eyes to feel this feeling of her lips on my lips.

'I am pregnant.', She said as she pulled away from her kiss.

I opened my eyes in surprise. She smiled the brightest which reached her eyes.

'What?', My heartbeat increased listening to her words. I can't tell how happy I feel to hear it.

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