Chapter 20: South Africa

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We spent two more days at Edward's cottage and then it was time to move on. The whole group came to see us off at the airport and aside from a few uncomfortably long hugs from Bobbie, and me nearly straining my eyes from glaring daggers at Edward for letting his lips linger on her cheek for a fraction of a second too long, I was almost sure I was going to miss them.

For the next few weeks we toured Europe and Greece. Anya eagerly took pictures of everything and we both tried to experience as much of the different cultures as we could. I personally enjoyed each new contour he face makes with each new experience. I was pleasantly surprised at how... affectionate she allowed me to be in public. As long as we weren't in direct danger of being caught, my sexy little Anya was down for just about anything. Fuck! She drives me absolutely crazy out of my mind with just one seductive look. This has been the best few weeks, not only getting to spend every moment of every day with Anya, but sharing all these new experiences - that I probably wouldn't of done on my own - with her is almost magical.

By Christmas Eve we were in South-Africa, in a little vacation town called Franskraal, comfortably settled into a cozy little wooden house painted a light blue and a two minute walk from the beach. It was perfect... aside from the small detail of people here not really speaking English but we seem to manage well enough.

We plan on spending a few weeks in South-Africa seeing as much of this beautiful country but...

"Well, dad's not happy we're not coming home for Christmas" Anya announced dejectedly as she flops down on the couch next to me

"Yeah" I said as I shifted so I could rest my head in her lap "my parents aren't too keen on the idea either" I admitted as Anya ran her nimble fingers through my now slightly longer hair.

Earlier we each called our respective parental guardian to wish them a Merry Christmas despite the time differences and how absolutely tired we are. Especially Anya, she's been taking a lot of naps lately.

My eyes drifted shut as I relax into her touch when I heard Anya speak "How 'bout we make it up to them?"

"Is someone home sick already?" I teased "what do you have in mind?"

The room was silent, only the soothing sounds of crashing waves filled the space around us as I bask in the warmth of Anya's touch.

"Let's get married"

It's been a week since Anya proposed to me. to say I was shocked is a understatement. Not the whole - being engaged to Anya - thing, but the fact that she proposed to me first. What the hell kinda man am I? She made the first move, said 'I love you' first AND proposed to me!? Then again Anya always out did me whenever she could, and I'll be damned if I allow her to out romance me! At least, that's how I felt until I asked her why she wanted to get married in such a rush... her answer both warmed and broke my heart.

"I don't want to spend another day not having your name Demi"

My heart swelled with pride at the realization that Anya, my Anya wanted to have my name... that she wanted to be known as Mrs. Evans. The hint of sadness in her eyes however, reminded me that she was rushing the situation because she's scared that our time together might be very limited.

So here I am, standing under a arch on a beautiful beach in South Africa waiting to marry my best friend. We only had five people at our wedding. My parents, Leah and Tom and Mr. Harrison. It was quite a experience telling them that - not only are we in love - but that we plan to get married.

I was sweating bullets when we decided to skype our parents so I could do the only thing Anya hasn't beaten me too... asking for her father's blessing. It was kind of a awkward conversation, what with Anya being in my lap and her dad not believing that we are being serious. With some convincing, Mr. Harrison eagerly gave me his blessing. My mom needed no convincing, in fact, she squealed and clutched her hands together with excitement. Dad took some time to process the new situation but finally congratulated us as well.

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