chapter 13 last part

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Hai guys welcome back to my story sorry guys for the late update I know you all be angry but sorry again OK let's get back to the story

The episode starts with anika hitting her head and she faint

Meanwhile anika grandma was tensed what her grandsons are going to do

Nani:shivaay beta bring anika here and take you with you

Rudra:but nani they will reach before us

Nani:i know a shortcut you guys go through that way you can reach before them

Shivaay om and Rudra went to the place and found anika fainted there

They went near her and started to rub her hands and call her but she didn't respond shivaay carried her in bridal style  that time mehata brothers arrived they schoked to see the scene anika being carried by oberio brothers  before they could react shivaay took her away

Scene shift to nani house

Anika is lying in the bed her head is dressed her nani sit beside her and cares her hair just the mehata brothers arrived

Ranveer hold shivaay collar and shouts how dare you touch my sister

Nani shouts stop it because of you all my grand daughter is in this condition

Abhi:nani why can't you understand Anu is child she can't understand but your elder why can't you understand whatever we did is for her safety we don't want to loes her

Nani:everything has a limit abhi your love has become dangerous she is guilty because of her 2 people lost their life

Neil:they deserve that no body dares to stares at mehata brothers only sister.bhai let's take her home

Neil goes towards anika to pick her shivaay comes in the middle and says you can't take her

Neil shouts who are you to say that get out of my way

Hearing the sound anika woke up sweating starts to come all over her face

Neil sees this Anu get up and let's go home

Shivaay:she won't come

Ranveer:who are you to say that your not her husband or her brother OK so better stay away from our family matters

Anika eyes become wet

Shivaay holds anika hands and drags her

Mehata brothers were schoked so as Omru and Nani he dragged her to the pooja room  and sees a sindoor box there he took it and fills anika hairline and schoks everyone

Shivaay :now I am her husband so I can stop

Ranveer hold shivaay collar and says you

Nani shouts stop it stop it shivaay is my friend kalaiyani grand son he is perfect for anika I accept this marriage if you 3 really loves your sister make these 2 married in right form



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