Kai Bellisario

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You ever been in love with someone so toxic? well or at least thought you were in love? Well I have, i had the perfect boyfriend, or so I thought he was.

"Hey, sexy." He smirked

"Kai, stop calling me sexy." I said angry.

"Listen to me Elena, I'll call you whatever the fuck I want, and you will love it." He said while grabbing my arm really hard. He used to be a gentleman, he was the perfect guy. Maybe a little too perfect, my parents didn't like him, they said he was nothing but trouble.

But when a guy like Kai takes an interest in you, you become blind. He was the popular guy, captain of the football team and he was really handsome. But underneath all of that, was a monster. I got many warnings about him like, stay away from him, he is not good for you, he is nothing but trouble, please listen to us. Yeah I didn't listen, I was still with Kai even though he was starting to treat me like trash, I stayed with him cause maybe just maybe he would change. Boy i was wrong, and I was gonna learn it the hard way.

"Kai you're hurting me." tears were falling.

"Next time will be your face." And with that he left.

After school I made it home, lucky for me no one was there. I just went to my room and cried myself to sleep. 

I woke up around 6 pm. I saw four arms around me, Sapphire and Mateo. The little devils. They are eleven years old.

"Dare I ask why you two are on my bed?" I asked them while rubbing my eyes.

"We were in the kitchen and then we made our way to our bedrooms, but we stopped when we heard you cry. So we came to check on you but you were already sleeping." Sapphire said to me with a sad look in her eyes.

"I thought I was alone when I came home." I replied.

"Nope, mom was in the laundry room so she didn't hear you, just us." Mateo answered.

"Can we keep this between us." I said to them.

"He is hurting you again, isn't he." She asked with a concerned look.

"Please stay away from him." Mateo begged me.

"I can't, just please don't mention this to mom and dad." I sighed.

They looked at each other and said, "Fine." Hope they don't say anything.

A while later, I was doing my homework , a few minutes later dad entered my room.

"You doing ok, baby girl?" He asked while sitting next to me. 

No dad, I'm miserable and my boyfriend treats me like trash, and flirts with every girl in my face. "I'm perfect." I said while finishing my homework.

"You do realized your mom was listening to your conversation with the twins." He said to me.

"I'm fine." I said while putting my books on my desk.

"That's not a healthy relationship." He told me while hugging me. I wanted to cry in his arms, but I didn't want to worry him more. I just hugged him back. "I love you, baby girl." he kissed my forehead then left. After he was gone I cried.

"I wish she would end things with that asshole." My dad said to mom.

"Me too, he changed her so much." She said with a sad look in her eyes.

"Our baby girl hasn't been happy since she started dating that asshole." He answered her.

The next day I woke up only to see my hand turning really purple, time to put a sweater. After my daily routine, I made my way downstairs to grab breakfast.

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