Chapter:21 ~ Confront (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

It felt daggers inside my heart when I saw his knuckles injured. I kissed him in reflex when I already felt breathless with his injuries.

We pulled apart and our eyes met. I looked down to what I just did so impulsively. I am embarrassed a little.

He cupped my face to look at me. He didn't say anything. He just stared. I looked at his face to which he smiled when his eyes met mine.

'I-It was...', Before I could explain my impulsive kiss a few moments before, he locked his lips with mine. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck. I noticed that I still have my legs wrapped around him.

We pulled apart to catch our breath.

'We still need to eat food for our survival.', He said making me shy while an uncontrolled chuckle left my lips.

He stood in front of me with plate in his hand. The only distance which was between us was because of this plate.

'Here.', He said keeping the spoonful pasta in front of my mouth.

I opened my mouth to eat but he took away the spoon. I closed my lips to form a firm line to what he just did.

'You need to pay for this.', He said making my eyebrow raised in confusion.

'How?', I asked unknowing to his intentions.

'Kiss me before every bite.', He said with a smirk. He is too sly to make me do what he wants.

Without competing with his debates which obviously he is gonna win, I give a small peck on his cheeks. And he finally let me eat the pasta.

'You are not eating.', I pointed him as he made me eat continuous four spoons by keeping my kisses.

'It too requires a fees.', He said holding his smile in his smirk.

'That's not fair.', I said being annoyed. I am shy to what will he ask me to pay this time.

'Kiss me on my lips for my favour.', He said smiling. My heartbeat increased when my gaze fell on his lips.

'Any another way possible?', I asked as my eyes lowered in embarrassment.

'There is one way but it will require great effort.', He said as if trying to think something.

'What is it?', I asked as I felt it impossible to guess what he wants me to do.

'You know something like...going to bed...remove each other's clothes...and just start something...that couples do...but it may hurt your wound...If you say.', He said making my cheeks felt hot.

How can he still manage to maintains his facial expressions as if he asked a scientific question.

'Kiss is good.', I said in reflex. It made him laugh.

'As you say.', He said and raised his eyebrow and pointed my lips. He wants me to kiss him.

I gulped and leaned to his face. I placed a quick peck on his lips and moved away. He smiled in amusement and eat the first bite of pasta.

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