One ... two

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New one.. got an idea for this while I suddenly remembered an old nursery rhyme :o Its not edited!

As Rhea rushed about getting ready for work she heard her daughter crying. 

"Honey what's wrong?"

"Are you going to leave me with the new neighbor again?" asked her 4 year old daughter Maya.

"Sweety you know I hate leaving you but Mommy has to work"

"But why with her? She is a witch!"

"Maya! You know better than to talk that way about an older person. I raised you better than that"

Maya chewed her bottom lip, fresh tears falling down her cheeks. 

"Please mommy leave me here. I'll be a good girl"

"Maya! Get dressed quickly I am getting late"

"But she makes me say One two buckle my shoe with fingers!"

"That's how you learn it Maya! Now get dressed!"

Rhea lost her patience, being a single parent was taking its toll on her. She went back to her room and asked her daughter to wear her shoes.

She then packed her lunch and took her to her neigbour Mrs. Stevens. She was a dear old lay who had moved in about 2 months ago. After realizing that Rhea was a single mother she had offered up her services as a babysitter for free. Rhea couldn't have been more relieved. Initially Maya loved going over to the neighbor's house but of late she had suddenly become scared of her.

Or she is simply acting like a brat, thought Rhea. She knew there would be a few challenges as she raised a daughter single handedly and now she was unsure of whether she was capable of facing them.

Mrs. Stevens opened the door and beamed at Maya.

"Hello! How are you?"

"I'm fine" mumbled Maya.

Suddenly Mrs. Stevens straightened out and asked her in a firm voice, "Maya say it out loud!"

"I'm fine"

Rhea looked in surprise at Mrs. Stevens she wanted to tell her to be understanding. Maya was entitled to have a few mood swings, she missed her daddy. However that would have to wait, she had to hurry to the law firm where she worked as a legal assistant.

Once at work she had already forgetten about her morning and rushed about her daily chores. At 6 o'clock Rhea looked up and realised she had beenw orking for quiet sometime. She should have left an hour ago. 

On her way home Rhea picked up an ice cream tub to make up for her tardiness.

Whens he reached she knocked on Mrs. Stevens' door and waited for her to open the door. Several minutes passed and Rhea was still standing outside the door. She knocked several times more and Mrs. Stevens opened the door smiling. 

"I am sorry dear I didn't hear you"

"That's alright"

Maya stood there looking as if she would burst into tears any moment. 

"Baby i got ice cream!"

Maya gave her wobbly smile, Rhea took her hand and they turned to leave.

"Maya! What do you say to your mommy?" asked Mrs. Stevens.

"Thank you mommy"

"Its fine sweety you go ahead I'll catch up with you ok?"

Maya nodded and ran off in the direction of their house.

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