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❝HELLO?❞ NATALIA SAID– without even checking the caller ID– she had picked up the phone

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HELLO?NATALIA SAIDwithout even checking the caller ID– she had picked up the phone. She was currently at work, on her break; eating lunch with Giovana during their break in between work.

"Hello," the person on the other line greeted. "I was wondering if we could talk? Whenever you're not busy and have time?"

Natalia could easily recognize that voice anywhere. She nodded as if he could see her, "yeah, sure, James," she answered, and then took a bite of her food. Giovana's eyes widened– as if they would fall out of her eye sockets– at the mention of his name.

"Just come by my place, in thirty minutes? Does that sound fine to you?" He asked.

"Yes, of course, I'll see you later," she muttered and said a quickly muttered him a quick goodbye and hung up.

Giovana stared at her best friend in confusion. Natalia practically told her everything– except this and she felt a bit guilty. But she had been too caught with him to even think about other things.

"You're talking to him again?" Natalia had completely forgotten to tell Giovana about how James and she had spent a weekend together in Paris and the amazing kiss they shared on the Eiffel Tower– which sounded too cheesy and cliché hearing about it in her head but at the time it was romantic and perfect. But either way, it meant a lot to her.

"Long story short, we were talking and everything was fine until a few days ago," she confessed softly.

Giovana's eyes narrowed, "you have to tell me everything," she stated.

Natalia nodded, but then looked over at her phone and saw it was almost 16:30, and her shift would be ending in about seven minutes. "I would but I have to go soon, I'll tell you tomorrow, okay?" Natalia said with a smile, as she stood up.

Giovana nodded and hugged her best friend. "I'll see you tomorrow, Natalia."


Natalia drove to James' house– with was about twenty-five minutes away from where she worked. He lived in more in the outskirts of Madrid, and she could easily remember being only eighteen-years-old when she moved with James to Madrid, and how she had helped him house-hunt. They had spent so much time there, that they felt attached to it. He hoped that this time back, they would be together and living in the house 'of her dreams'.

Madrid had become her home overtime, and it was hard to leave, more than ever now. Madrid meant a lot of things for her– she had gone on their first and numerous dates here, but she had also had her first heartbreak here.

To be completely honest, Natalia didn't really know why they needed to talk and why it was so important for him.

Maybe it was nothing important and he only wants to talk as friends? She asked herself, but she knew that was probably the last reason why James would want to talk to her. Natalia didn't feel nervous, she just didn't want to be there.

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