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AFTER THEY HAD ARRIVED from visiting Teresa's grave, they had decided to head back to Natalia's home

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AFTER THEY HAD ARRIVED from visiting Teresa's grave, they had decided to head back to Natalia's home. Where she had spent some time talking with her parents, about how she felt about visiting her younger sister's grave.

Taking about had actually turned out better then what she had expected for, never had it ever been easy to talk about her younger sister's death. Not even to her parents. It hurt too much.

She always wondered if maybe it would've helped her, to talk about it instead of avoiding it. But she felt too scared, and it brought her to tears just thinking about it. Teresa was her sister, her best friend– her other half, so her death was something that would be easy for Natalia to talk about.

Never did she think that at the tender age of eight, she would have to understand that her sister had passed. Never had she thought that she would have to say goodbye to her, and have to realize that it was the last time she would ever see her sister again. When Natalia was younger, she thought they would always be together, and she would be there to take care of little Teresa when their parents couldn't.

They had dreamt big, and they had always intended to achieve them.

But finally being able to talk about it, to finally express how she felt and had felt for the last seventeen years had made her feel free in a way. To not a pang of guilt in her heart, made it better for Natalia. She wished she had been able to do before, to have been strong enough. It probably would've helped her, it would've helped her cope.

It would've made things better for her and her family– or that was just the way Natalia thought. She thought that it would've stopped her from keeping everyone out, from not letting people know how she felt. It would've made things better between her and her parents.

Ever since Natalia had moved to Madrid, her relationship with her parents hadn't been the same. Sure, the same love was and would always be there, and Natalia was always helping them with whatever they needed. But she had distanced herself from even them, it didn't feel the same. There was always an empty hole in their family, and that was Teresa.

"Natalia?" She heard, making her head turn to who had called out her name.

"Are you alright?" James asked, gazing into her chocolate-brown eyes, trying to read her. He was quite good at it, so she could never really get away with a lie easily.

"Yeah," she mumbled quickly looking away, in hopes of him not asking again or trying to get an answer out of her. Instead, she focused on the television in front of them, watching the pre-season match that was on.

James was given extra time on his vacation– which he was thankful for– or else he would've been at those pre-season games, miles and miles away from Natalia.

"Nata?" James asked, using her old nickname for her now. Natalia had always thought it sounded strange, but it had stuck with her. She looked over at him, lifting her eyebrows, as her attention was now back on him.

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