Chapter Ten - Awaken Disappointments

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She was being watched. Sharp coldness tickles her skin as she walks through ashes. She feels their steadfast stare, the beating of their heart.

It was bright outside, but she sees no sun, only white in the sky. The air was cool, thick fog settling. Ashes fall but there was no fire, no signs of trees, buildings, people, yet she knew she's not the only one here.

She can sense their presence, an unsettling yet familiar presence.

Neither of them makes a sound, waiting for the other too.

Somehow she knew they sensed her too. No questioning it, a deep non-explanatory consciousness flowing through her. She continued to walk, searched for them. Her footing crushes on the ashes but makes hardly a sound. She tunes her ears to hear for their movement.

A step, a breath, a voice.

The only sound to come to her ears was her own movements.

Continuing to walk shows even more flummox. Nothing was here, wherever she was. Even if there was she wouldn't be able to see it. The fog has grown thicker now.

She stops walking.

A crunch- 

The sound of a footstep behind her.

Inhaling a fleeting, sharp breath she turned. Just feet away he stands. His image was somewhat blurry. Clothed with dark luxury uniform garments, he looked odd in this placing. He steps from the thickness of fog and now she can see him clearer. The familiarity of his presence fades once she saw his face in detail. He was unidentifiable. Who was he and why does his presence feel familiar?  Those pale ice blue spheres of eyes stare at her in confusion. His eyes almost look lost. Can't he see so was she?

The thickness of the fog continues to grow, and the light outside suddenly casts grey. The feeling of danger crept inside her.

He grew closer as if he's lost vision, staring at her, trying to make out her appearance. Swiftly his expression becomes cold, venomous, as if she was his prey. This instant change in his demeanor puts up red flags.

She backs away to turn and flee, but his hand had already captured her arm. She tugged it away, losing her balance falling into sand, her world changing in front of her.

The new world was the ocean. It was a deep, captivating blue. A women stands close in the sand, rubbing her bare arms from the cold. It was her mother. Her mother's strawberry blonde hair lays in disarray from the wind. As she approaches her she doesn't notice her. Her mother looks right past her.

"Ava!" she yells happily. A younger Ava approaches. She was around six. "Come!" her mother insisted. She looked to her mother, surprised she didn't notice the enlargement of her stomach. She was pregnant with her sister.

"Yes mama," the young Ava said.

"Can I show you a secret?" The younger Ava had nodded to her mother extending her arms towards her. Her mother placed her hands, palm down in the younger Ava's little hands. They both closed their eyes. Ava watched closely, unfamiliar of this type of interaction between her mother and her.

"It's a girl!" the younger Ava said, eyes still closed.

"Yes, a sister," her mother replied. They stayed like that a moment longer, eyes closed, smiling. Her mother had an ability too. Somehow she could pass what she knows or sees to others. Whether this is a memory or dream she wanted to get out of it. Seeing her mother brought intense agony to her. The ocean's water splashing around her toes, the water pushing and pulling. At this her world changed again. Somehow this dream state she's in heard her desires, allowing her to flee when she felt she wanted too. A bright whiteness fills her entire world now. She squints from the brightness, trying to adjust her eyes.

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