{twenty-nine}; Double D

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Adalina R. Vasquez//


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July 20th

It was finally my nigga Dominic's birthday and I was so excited for tonight. We were going out to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner then going back to his house. I think him he should really rent out the restaurant because Xena and Myla can get ignorant in public but we gone see how this go.

"You really need to rent this restaurant out cause I'm telling you Xena and Myla dumb as fuck."

"I ain't got the type of money ma, not everybody is rich like y'all."

"Now why the fuck are you lying?"

"I'm not asking my mom for money just to rent out a restaurant just because Myla and Xena need to be in a special ed class."

"DOMINIC!" I started laughing and Indira started calling.

"Umm let me call you back baby."

"Who calling you?"

"Mommy, I'll see you later on tonight."

"Aight keep it tight for me baby, I love you."

"Keep that dick bomb for me, I love you too." I hung up on him and answered his moms call as I was driving out to Buckhead to go pop up on Ahmir. "Hey mommy."

"Hey baby, I was just calling to ask what are y'all doing tonight for Dominic's birthday?"

"Going out to red lobster."

"A group thing or just y'all?"

"Group thing."

"Okay great I was just wondering. Just tell me which one y'all are going to, I have a present to drop off."

"Alrighty, Bye."

"Bye babe." I hung up and Hi Bich (remix) x Bhadd Bhabie ft. YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid, and Asian Doll. I personally feel like this little girl disrespectful as hell but she bumped this shit. I feel like the add on of Asian and then made it sound so much better.


"The princess has arrived!"

"Girl shut the fuck up and get out my house." John said while smacking his lips.

"That's why Destiny about leave you and she took yo name off the lease and all the cars."

"Hey now." Destiny said while laughing.

"No the fuck she not dumb ass kid."


"Wait she lying right?"

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