Party, Party!

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It was party time. Uma and Willow walked in together, watching the place in full swing. The band was playing, everyone dancing or sitting and talking. Willow's arm was hooked (no pun intended) with Gil's and Uma with Harry's. All four stopped and switched dates. Uma was now with Gil and Willow was with Harry. They hit the dance floor.

After for what seemed like hours, Willow finally sat down on her own. Harry was sit dancing like no one was watching. She guessed he was still happy about winning the match against the Seabrook Shrimps. The chair next to her was now occupied by none other than Aaron. Aaron gave her a goofy smile.

"Your legs finally gave out?" Aaron said loudly over the music.

"Yeah, plus I can't keep up with Harry right now when he's this happy." Willow joked.

"How about I keep you company?"

"Wouldn't your date mind?" Willow asked. Aaron shook his head.

"She'll be ok."


Harry danced like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly felt a pair of hands feeling up his chest. He smiled, thinking it was Willow, but had turned around disappointed. Instead it was Fay, the girl he had met not too long ago. She smirks at him and placed her hands on his chest. Harry didn't know exactly what to do. Normally girls wouldn't do this unless they wanted to be pulverized by Willow.

"What are ye doing?" Harry questioned, pulling her hands away. Fay gave him a flirty smile.


"Yeah, I can see that. I mean-- what are ye doing dancing with me?" Harry clarified.

"Just having a little fun, silly." Fay giggled. Harry looked around for help, but there was no help.

"Ye know, I think Willow just called for me--" Harry didn't finish his sentence before running off to find Willow or Gil or Uma-- anyone really.


"I don't believe you." Aaron said as he rubbed Willow's feet. Even if Willow forced him to, he is happy enough to help her.

"It's true, I had my cousins locked in the broom closet til my mother stopped her tantrums. I was twelve." Willow stated the facts.

"My parents and aunt have told me about your mom, I thought they were just exaggerating." Aaron told her. Willow shook her head.

"I can confirm that it wasn't exaggerated, she's still my mom. No harm done besides a few broken items." Willow shrugged. Aaron stopped massaging her feet, making Willow look at him. He was staring. "What?"

Aaron snapped out of his thoughts and mutters, "Nothing." Willow decided not to ask him or insist he'd say anything.

"So..." Aaron starts. "How did you and Harry get together?"

"I've known him for years. It sorta just happened when Uma and I became friends again."

"Right, right. Evie and Jay told me about you, before I went with them to rescue Ben."

"That must have been pleasant, think that you might be found first by the offspring of your parent's enemy." Willow said sarcastically.

"A bit, I guess. From what they had told, you took your role as villains kid seriously."

"Yeah, I guess I did, but I wouldn't hurt someone unless they posed a threat to me. I swear I'll deck anyone who gets in my way." The last part had made Aaron laugh, which confused Willow. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." Aaron looks away for a bit, before looking back. "Do you want to dance with me?"

Aaron, on the inside, was a bit nervous. Willow thought about it before nodding.

"All right, help me up first." Willow grunts. She sticks both her hands out for Aaron to help her up from the chair. He leads her to the dance floor, joining other students. All this while Harry looks for her.


He was soon about to give up when he finds his girlfriend with Dennison. Jealous started to rise up in him and he made his way over to them. At the same time, Fay went looking for her original date and found Harry again.

Harry wrapped his arm tight around Willow's shoulder. He gave Dennison a glare.

"Hey!" They attention was now on Fay as she loops her arm with Dennison's.

"Hey, where have you been?" Dennison asked her. Fay looked at Harry then back at Dennison. Willow looked between the both of them.

"I can ask you the same question." Fay said, playfully bumping his shoulder with her. She looked at Willow with a smile.

"Hi, I'm Fay." Fay introduced with her hand out. Willow didn't shake it. For some reason, Harry was nervous and he didn't even do anything wrong.


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