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Dedicated to my favorite person in this world (drumroll) Alexandra! One of the characters in this book will be based on her .



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TACENDA (n.) – things better left unsaid; matters to be passed over in silence


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  She didn't know exactly when it all happened; nor how one single event changed her existence; but she knew there was no going back. There was no formula in Vesmen that could change the course of events that had happened just a few months ago.

It wasn't the moment when she had met her Wolf, like everyone in Vesmen, at the age of fourteen. Although there wasn't even a one person that could say how she didn't love her Wolf more than anything in the world and connection between them was even stronger than Alpha's, it still wasn't the life-changing event.

Six months ago, they were supposed to go to the King's Pack and train to be the Searchers, perhaps even Hunters for the King's Army, but when the horrifying event came upon their lonely souls, everything had changed.

There was still hope, indeed. But this time, the hope had a different meaning for Amaya. Her whole spirit hoped the bastard will pay for the brutality of his actions, and the deed will be returned. Unfortunately, no one knew a thing about the bastard, no one caught him, nor did someone actually had a single wisp of hair from him.

There was no scent, no footprint, no actual DNA which might help to the Searchers in search of the monster.

They only had one clue – the innocent being inside of Amaya who only had heartbeats to prove it was still alive and healthy.

Only if she could change the way the heartbeats started, Amaya'd have the whole different story to tell to her pup once it gets into the real world and grows enough to hear the truth.

Automatically, almost by the instinct of her Wolf, her hands embraced the gentle bump on her lower part of the belly. It was barely noticeable by a naked eye, yet still, it made Amaya feel like she wasn't alone in the world – the world where people growled at each other, and sea had monsters practically unimaginable to someone who never read about the monsters from Hell.

During the lonely darkness of the nights, even when the stars barely shone because of the thickness of the clouds that carried snow and wind, the bearably hearing heartbeats coming from the lower part of her belly made her feel less gloomy about the scars that will never truly fade.

''Honey, will you be ready by the midnight?'' the familiar warm voice stopped Amaya from overthinking about the trip.

It was making her nervous how much her Wolf was pacing around her mind as if she was itching for an escape; as if something terrible was waiting for them on the land. Her Wolf was even getting more protective of the little pup inside of them – constantly growling whenever someone'd even looked at them strangely, or if someone passed by them with the strange or unfamiliar scent. There were even the moments when her Wolf would have strange episodes of oozing off since the moment Amaya announced how she wanted to visit the King.

Amaya felt the soft palms being placed on her shoulders. Just by the feeling of the familiar warmth calmed her down, and a soft kiss that her mother placed on the top of her head made her close her eyes and finally take a deep breathe. It was so hard to be moody whenever she had felt her mother's touch.

''Don't worry, Amaya. I'm sure everything will be alright, and the King will grant you the permission to visit other Pack.''

In Vesmen, everything was about hierarchy. No one was allowed to travel around the land freely – not only because they would invade others' territories, but also because if the King didn't know when one would go, the risk of being punished was too great to be described.

Some who had been punished still was carrying the scars – very noticeable ones. Usually, it was the raw, red line around their neck, almost as if they tried to hang themselves and end their life. Fortunately for others who never went through the punishment, the ones who thought they are stronger than the King never spoke out loud what really happened to them.

So, that was the reason Amaya needed the permission from the King.

''I'm not worried, mum,'' Amaya replied a little bit too quickly. On a scoff by her mother, she continued. ''I think my Wolf is.''

''Well... '' her mother sat on the couch across the coffee table, and crossed her legs, then leaned her elbows against her upper thigh. ''That's perfectly normal. It will be your first time going to the King's Pack, I'm sure it's understandable for your Wolf to feel a little bit off the edge for going to unfamiliar territories. Even I was a little nervous when I was going to the King for the permission to marry your father.''

''This is different, mum. I'm not going for a permission to marry some Wolf.'' Amaya always open for a discussion – and hormones that were outrageous in her state weren't helping her to keep herself calm.

Amaya's mother nodded, her deep blue eyes landed on Amaya's belly before she looked back at Amaya's eyes. It was natural for everyone in the household to check her belly whenever they mentioned the event, or anything even slightly related to the pups. ''I know, baby.''

Amaya sighed as the tips of her fingers massaged the bridge of her nose. ''You don't get it, mum, do you?''

Her mother immediately took Amaya's hands in hers and placed a soft motherly kiss on her knuckles. It was something her mother had done whenever Amaya felt nervous as a child, and it has always worked on her.

There was a silence for a couple of moments. Both of them were simply looking at each other.

On the first glance, they had nothing in common. While her mother's hair was cut in the sweet pixy haircut in absolute white shades like the snow, Amaya had long hair just below her chest in darker shades of grey. Also, she was around a few inches taller than Amaya, but even their difference in height while at human's form, Amaya's Wolf was still much larger than the most in the Winter's Pack.

No one in the whole Winter's Pack had exactly such a dark hair like Amaya, but everyone assumed it was because her father's father used to be the part of the Black Magic's Pack.

''You're my brave little wolf – you know that, right?'' Amaya's mother broke the silence, as the sincere look took over her gentle eyes.

Amaya couldn't help herself but let her lips spread in a small smile. No matter how much she tried to stay mad at her mother, it was close to impossible. ''Mum, I'm not a child.'' She wanted to add how she was carrying one, but her Wolf stopped her from that.

Even her Wolf knew Amaya's mother was suffering for both of them. Amaya's mother's Wolf went almost venomous once they found out their pup was in danger they couldn't prevent. The whole Pack was in fear that they will go Rogue and try to go for a Hunt on their own – it was a terrible idea since Rogues usually went into the other country or to the land of Grey Magic, making their death definite.

Amaya's mother sighed and nodded. She knew Amaya was right. After all, Amaya had twenty-two years. It was the right age for a female Wolf to already have a mate, family, status in the Pack – and Amaya had only one thing from all of it.

''Where is dad?'' Amaya asked all of the sudden. She didn't sense him all morning, almost as if he vanished from the house at one point.

Amaya's mother rolled her eyes. She did it whenever she thought her mate had done something ridiculous – which happened a lot. ''He is at the Station, basically waiting for the ship. Like it will get away.'' She sighed, then tried to suppress her chuckles. ''He is just worried you won't catch the ship and you two will have to wait for tomorrow.''

''I'm sure there is nothing to be nervous about. We will get there on time.'' Amaya reassured her mother although her Wolf was rolling her eyes at her statement.

Not only that the King wasn't fond of those who were late at the meetings, it was also the thing about self-existence. Being the same room as the Alpha of the Alphas was almost terrifying for one Wolf. The authority a Wolf would feel while near others were sometimes making them maddened. Some Wolves would even snap at the stronger one just to test their power.

The last thing Amaya needed was her Wolf to snap at the King. Even shifting would be difficult with the pup inside of them, but also trying to fight for authority with someone as powerful as the King himself seemed pointless.

''Anyway, have you been to the Doctor's? What did he say about my grandpup?'' The proudness was almost shining in Amaya's mother's eyes.

Although Amaya's pup came to the existence in perhaps a wrong way, it was still their grandpup, and its existence shall be celebrated like any other.

Amaya caressed her little bump as gently as she could. Even her Wolf was sneaking for the feeling of the little pup inside of them. ''We are still not sure about the gender. But we know she is alright. Her heartbeats are strong. I'm sure she will be a Warrior when she grows up – I can already feel it in my bones.''

''Better not tell that to your father. He is really hoping it's a boy. Buying blue clothes, arrows and bows, and little boyish books... It became a huge hobby, or shall I say obsession?''

Every male Wolf was hoping to have a grandson, it was in their code to seek for that. They even had the need to pass their ''manly knowledge'', as if the females weren't much smarter.

Just when Amaya was about to ask her mother for a little bit of peace at her bedroom, the familiar scent filled her nostrils. It was the rain mixed with the scent of strawberries, and a wonderful fresh air came along with it. Her lips immediately spread into a huge smile.

The scent was so calming that even her Wolf stopped pacing, and took a deep breath, inhaling the air as if it depended on her life. Both of them were really close to the male Wolf who just came into the house from the young age.

When Amaya was a young teenager, before she turned the fourteenth birthday, every single part of her weakening spirit hoped Lucian was her mate. Not only he was smart, kind and clever young male Wolf, he also had a very bright future ahead of himself. Not only did he go to the land to become Omega, he was also so good at Hunt, many Alphas would be ashamed of themselves. Also, he was there for her in the darkest part of her past, making him suitable for her Chosen Mate.

It was only a matter of a moment when they will go together to the King and ask for the permission to mate properly like any Wolves in love should.

''Hello, ladies.'' His rough, almost as if he was growling all the time, the voice spoke. Automatically, Amaya's pale cheeks changed into deeper shades of red. ''How are my favorite Wolves today?'' He was always a sweet-talker. He knew his ways how to win someone's heart.

As Amaya felt him sitting down next to her on the small love-seat in her bedroom, she snuggled under his arm and nuzzled her nose into his shoulder. It was something each Wolf did near the ones they loved or needed to be with.

For her, his scent was the most calming thing she had ever smelled, and his natural body temperature was like a soft blanket for her body.

Her Wolf formed some kind of noise like it was purring deep into Amaya's chest.

''I will leave you two alone.'' Amaya's mother stood up. Although, by her beliefs, the act Amaya was doing whenever she was around Lucian was wrong, she was still willing to support their relationship – until no one was hurt. ''Do you two want some tea? I can make you some before I go to the Nursing Home.'' Her mother glanced at both of them while standing on the other side of the table.

Lucian wrapped his long muscled arm around Amaya, bringing her closer to himself, as with the other hand he pulled her legs over his. As soon as he legs were over his, he began cuddling her stomach.

Amaya was already so sure that pup was familiar with Lucian, and began to see him as their guardian.

She looked up at her mother. There was a single sparkle of doubt in her mother's eyes, but it was so hard to read her mother's thoughts. ''You don't have to bother yourself, mum.''

''Oh, I'm always bothering myself whenever my pup is involved, and you know that, baby.'' Her words were hiding something that Amaya couldn't detect so easily. ''Anyway, I will see you before you go to the ship. And if you see your father before I do, please mention to him that he shall shave before he goes to the King. I don't want the King to think of my mate anything bad.''

''Miss, I'm sure the King isn't bothered by someone's physical looks.'' Lucian interrupted before Amaya could say something while rolling her eyes.

Amaya looked at him, having the knowing sparkles in her eyes, as her lips moved into a small smirk. ''Do you really believe in that myth?''

''What myth?'' Amaya's mother raised both of her porcelain-white eyebrows.

''That the King is supposedly blind as a bat,'' Amaya explained.

Her mother placed the hand on her chest while inhaling the air in shock. ''You cannot speak of Him like that. Even if he is, it's not our business to even speak of that.''

Amaya raised an eyebrow at her mother's words. She could basically feel the fear radiating from her mother. ''Are you afraid of the King? It's not like he will ever know any of us. As soon as we come back home, he will forget about us like we never existed.''

''Don't poke the Fate, Amaya.'' Her mother warned her.

Because her mother used her name, she knew there was no discussion left. After her mother walked out of her bedroom, Amaya glanced back at Lucian, searching for any kind of answers.

Was the King really blind?

Some, who were lucky enough to meet the King in a bit lighter situations, like when they were going for the permission for mating, they have never mentioned about his disability. If he truly was blind, was there any reason to believe he'd be able to protect any Pack in Vesmen?

Any kind of disability in Vesmen was looked down onto. It wasn't about discouraging those Wolves never to step out of their homes, it was simply the fact if Vampires or any other kind decide to attack them, they would be first to be killed.

It was so strange that the myth of King's blindness even existed.

''Do you know something I don't?'' Amaya questioned him, as her eyelids squeezed while trying to see if he had something to hide from her.

After all, he did see the King multiple times during his training as the Omega.

Lucian looked down at Amaya before he cuddled her cheek. He had a little smile on his lips which could make her spread her legs and melt into the puddle in a few seconds. Whoever ever said that the male in her embrace wasn't one of the most handsome men they had ever seen, they might as well as lied.

His white hair was gently pulled to the back of his head, as the sides were shorter than the top. As the Omega, he had one thin midnight blue stripe of hair on the left side of his forehead, and his eyes were stormy green, almost perfectly mimicking the fog in the forest. The muscles created his shoulders to be wide and strong, as the veins on his arms were so pronounced and melt-worthy.

''Nothing that you don't.'' Lucian purred at her ear. The sweetness of his breath tickled her sensitive skin before his lips moved above the soft spot on her neck. ''You're beautiful.'' He complimented before kissing her jawline so softly and sensually. ''And mine.''

The possessiveness of his Wolf was making her purr. By an instinct, she gently traveled with her hands over his beautiful chest and pulled him closer to herself by grabbing his shirt. ''Only yours.'' She promised.

Little did she know it was the promise she will never be able to keep.


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