6; oh my god, she dead

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 William wakes up to his phone vibrating on Gabe's side table, it's 5am. He sits upright in the bed, looking at the dark wall in front of him. The shift in the temperature causes Gabe to groan in distress, all he wants to do is sleep.

"Hey?" William says into the cell phone, eyes almost closing.

"Hi baby," His mom says to him, of course it's her, William doesn't know anyone else who'd call him this early in the morning. "You're sister, Courtney, she got herself pretty beat up,"

"Mom what?" William asks, he turns on Gabe's lamp which makes the older boy groan even louder. William slaps his boyfriends arm, William's mom sighs on the phone.

"She's in the emergency room, she started having pain in her abdomen, can you come down here?" She asks, without hesation William says yes.

William gets off the bed and starts rummaging through Gabe's closet. Gabe turns to see what he's doing, Gabe just rolls his eyes and closes his eyes.

"Can I take this?" William asks Gabe. Gabe really really wants to sleep. Gabe stands up, leaving his warm bed to help William. William is holding up a Sum 41 sweater, Gabe nods and lazily kisses William.

"Where are we going?" Gabe asks.


"I'll drive you, we'll leave Ryland a note," Gabe says, "Don't take forever, please and thank you."

William made Gabe stop for coffee, he knows that his boyfriend is sleep deprived, so they went by a McDonalds. Gabe got black coffee, William got an ice coffee.

"So," Gabe says as he drives in the dark, he's turning on the main highway, "what's happening at the hospital," he asks.

William leans back in the seat, taking a sip of his coffee. "Well, Courtney will probably get her appendix out I think," William says to him.

Gabe chuckles at his boyfriend, Gabe looks different from when he first met,William will admit that. Before Gabe would only wear black and he wore a lot of cross accessories, but he's a big softie now, or at least Pete thinks that.

"I didn't know you were a doctor," Gabe says quietly, "that's how you know how to take care of Brendon whenever he gets cuts,"

"I took a first-aid class and that's just really basic knowledge gabey," William is looking out the window, he's wearing his glasses since he didn't even think about his contacts.

"Gabe?" William asks him, Gabe looks over to William when the light turns red.

"What's up bilvy?" Gabe asks moving his hand to William's. William gives Gabe a shy smile looking back at him. 

"Why'd you stop wearing crosses?" William asks him, but Gabe ignores the question. He's zoning out, he's looking at William as the sun rises up, making William's usual porcelain skin have some color to him. 

"I just wanted to stop wearing the stuff,"  Gabe says, the light turns green and he groans turning on to the exit. "Also, I didn't want you to think I was super super religious, it was just for aesthetic purposes," 


"I really don't want to see her," William says to Gabe, his hand is on the doorknob, Gabe tucks a strain of William's hair behind his ear. William opens the door,Gabe trails behind him. His mom is sat in the chair fast asleep, his step siblings are coloring on the couch, and Courtney's flipping channels on the TV. 

"Court, hey!" William says walking in, smiling at his younger sister. She smiles in relief that William's here. William sits on the foot of the hospital bed while Gabe stand next to Courtney. 

"I heard your stomach hurts," Gabe says poking the top of her head, just teasing her. William laughs, while Courtney nods. 

"Yeah, I'm getting surgery they said it's my appendix," she says, Gabe looks and William and William looks at Gabe. William smilies happily at this new because of what he said earlier in the car. 

"What did I say," William says, "it's like I have the sixth sense or something," William's proud of himself, but Gabe just laughs it off. 

"Nice glasses," Courtney says, to her older brother. William just sits next to her and doesn't say anything, but Gabe on the other hand ruffles Courtney's hair.

"When's your surgery?" William asks her, she shrugs. William rolls his eyes, he hates being the older sibling, "Gabe," He says to his boyfriend, Gabe looks at him as he plays with courtney's hair. 

"Hm?" He asks William, dumbfounded as he starts to regain his thought. 

"I'll be right back, I need to talk to the doctor," William says, Gabe shakes his head and grabs William's wrist as he's about to walk away. 

"William, just stay, I'll take care of it," Gabe says, he leaps off the bed, and William takes his spot. Gabe swears, William worries way too much for his own good. 


"Oh, William" Scott says coming in the room, shocked by his step-son being there. William rolls his eyes at looks at Courtney, Gabe is on his phone, not even looking at anyone.  Scott smiles at Courtney and sits on the couch next to his 'real kids' in his own words. 

"Hi Scott," William says, Gabe lifs up his head looking at his lovers step-father.  Courtney starts talking to her mother about how she's scared to have her surgery, Scott still has his eyes glued to William. 

"We're going to get some coffee," Gabe says to Mrs.Beckett, holding William's hand getting off the bed, "Does anyone want anything?" Gabe asks. 

"OO buy me some Gatorade!" Courtney says, Gabe nods, but William shakes his head. 

"you can't eat till after your surgery," William says, Gabe winks at Courtney making her laugh. 

When they get to the free coffee William sighs. Gabe wraps his arms around William, making the younger boy feel safe. 

"I'm okay!" William says to Gabe, pouring cups of coffee for mom, he knows she needs it, he's been there for 17 years of her life. 

"Baby," Gabe kisses the top of William's head, "she's gonna be fine," Gabe says, he intertwines his hands with William's. 

"excuse me" Scott says clearing his throat. Both William and Gabe turned around. "You're mother and I have decided you can come back home," William scoffs at Scott's words. 

"I -I-what?" William says to Scott. 

"You can come home, William," 

"Why would he come home?" Gabe asks Scott, "You almost fucking stabbed his neck an-"

"Why don't you just shut up faggot?" Scott says angrily, William holds Gabe's hand to hold him back a little. 

"Let's get one thing straight, you might be older than me, but I could take you out with the snap of my fingers," Gabe says, William rolls his eyes knowing it's only half true. "Don't ever call me-or anyone that word," Gabe says, "Got it hombre?" 

"Oh, you're spanish," Scott says, Gabe breathes in deeply. 

"I'm also Jewish, you got a problem?" Gabe says, he can feel William getting kind of scared. 

"no, not at all," 



"Come here," Gabe says to William. The two are in the cafe of the hospital, getting each other food, Gabe's getting Courtney Gatorade. William turns his head to meet Gabe's face, Gabe leans in. 

"You're so dumb," William says to Gabe, Gabe just curls a strain of William's hair with his finger.  William  flashes Gabe a soft smile. 

"So, you gonna go back there?" Gabe asks him. 

"Baby, what?" William says to Gabe, he kisses Gabe's cheek. 

"Nothing, never mind, let's just get some food," 

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