Chapter 23

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Please read Authors Note at the end, even if you usually don't it's important (it will have an explanation of upcoming stuff and past stuff)

Addy was sitting on her bed. She just sat on the end thinking about the past events. The thoughts flowed through her head.

Valentine, my crippled wrist, Jace and Clary being brother and sister, I mean talk about incest, Valentine having the cup, I'm a member of the ConClave, Alec loves me, he does.

But the incest.

There was a knock on the door, bringing Addy out of her thoughts. She stood up and went to answer it.

The knock came again.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming, it takes awhile to go across a room you know" Addy said and opened the door.

Alec was standing there in black jeans and a v-neck tee. His hair was ruffled as if his hand went through it a couple of times

"Hey... is everything okay?" Addy asked as Alec barged into her room.

"No, actually, it's the opposite of okay—" Alec said running his hand through his hair. "The exact opposite of okay"

"Hey, Alec, sit down, take a breather and calm down" Addy said.

Alec sat on the edge of her bed. "Jace."

"Excuse me?" Addy asked. Some part of her wanted to talk about them.

"I'm worried for Jace— he thinks everything is his fault, when it's not" Alec said

"Jace just found his sister, learned that the most feared rogue Shadowhunter is his father—who took the place of the father who he thought actually was his father— that's gonna get confusing," Addy said "anyway, but you know Jace, I've known Jace, for what 13 years? Your his parabatai, Yes, we are all worried, but the world crashed down on him, you have to let—"

"He wants to find Valentine" Alec cut in.

"Oh shit" Addy said "yeah he isn't the only one screwed"

"It's serious" Alec said as Addy took a seat next to him.

"I know, Alec, I know how much he means to you, he is your parabatai, your brother, but let's wait this out, we know how Jace likes to play hero" Addy said putting a hand on Alec's shoulder.

Alec laid down on her bed, falling back, he sighed out loud. "Everything was fine until the little girl came"

"I agree, but can we just talk about the incest?" Addy said

"Not the time" Alec said.

"I know, just trying to lighten the mood, because this little depressed bug, decided to mope around my room" said Addy poking his side. Alec propped him self up with his elbows.

"I'm the little depressed bug? First of all, I'm the opposite of little, and second of all, I didn't hide in my room for three days shutting self off from the world" he replied

Addy looked anywhere but him. She felt guilty.

"Addy— I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it like that— It's my fault, in a way" Alec said taking a pause to breath.

"No, Alec, don't blame this on yourself, you didn't shut yourself off, I did" Addy said

"But you did because of me, I told you I loved you, and then I got engaged to someone else, and that's not okay because I love you" Alec said

"Really?" Addy asked

"Addy, I've never been so sure about loving you before, I love you" Alec said sitting up fully.

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