10| Lets Talk About Sex.

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10| Lets Talk About Sex.

"How come you weren't in yesterday?" Ashton asked as Luke tucked into his tuna and sweet corn sandwich. He decided against the chicken sandwich today, he was feeling better and different, so he went for a change.

Luke didn't want to admit it just yet, but he loved this sandwich. A lot more than the chicken sandwich, yeah he knew what the chicken sandwich looked like and he had seen it for a months, but this sandwich was just so much kinder and not just using him for popularity and sex.

Luke found himself no longer thinking about the sandwiches.

Kelly was the chicken sandwich; boring, unoriginal, tasteless. Annie, however, was the tuna and sweet corn sandwich; different, flavourful, delicious.

Luke had to stop with this strange sandwich talk, he feels as if theirs something wrong with him.

He thought it was so strange that he had no certain clue as to what Annie truly looked like. Sure, he knew she had brown hair and brown eyes, but 55.7% of the worlds population have this combination so she wasn't really giving him much to think off.

"Uh- what was the question?" Luke asked, scratching his hair and making a mental note that he needed to wash his hair tonight.

"Why were you off yesterday?" Ash asked again, glancing at Annie who sat herself opposite him and next to Luke.

"I was- um- ill. Yeah." Luke swallowed, poking the side of Annie's thigh gently, doubling checking if she was there. Annie found the gesture adorable, he always did it when she would come and sit next to him in the canteen, she found it as a way for him wanting to connect to her.

"Right... what about you Annie? How come you were off?" Ash pushed on, knowing by the blush on both of their cheeks something was up.

"I was really- really tired. I hardly slept the night before for some reason so..." Annie shrugged, biting her tongue as she hated to lie. She rarely did, unless it was to make somebody else feel better.

"You guys defiantly fucked didn't you?" Rosie grinned, popping a grape into her as she nudged Ashton's arm.

Luke choked on his sandwich, being caught off guard by the absurd question by a girl he barely knew. Rosie was his friend, they both thought that, but he never knew the boundaries and limitations on what they could and couldn't talk about. I guess their sex lives was now an option.

Annie, on the other hand, widened her eyes and stiffened in her seat, her body tensing and heart almost breaking through her rib cage. She had no idea hers and Rosie's friendship was this developed yet, the question completely throwing her off guard.

"No!" Annie choked out, shaking her head violently as she swallowed down the awkwardness bubbling in her throat. "No, we didn't." She gulped, licking her lips and glancing briefly at Luke.

"We didn't," Luke reiterated, wiping his mouth and having a sip of some well needed water. "We didn't have sex. Jesus." Luke chuckled a little, reaching his hand under the table to his right, patting Annie's leg until he found her hand.

He wrapped two fingers around her own, weakly holding her hand to try and comfort her. He could guess she was embarrassed, probably red in the face and heart beating loud, he hoped he could calm her a little.

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