27. 5 Ressurection

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Ocean's P.O.V.

"NAYA." I screamed, her limp form frightened me once again. I couldn't lose her. She'd fulfilled her destiny and her fate seemed final. "No." I whispered. The green light up above formed a face, lips, then eyes and a nose. Smokes of hair danced with the still air. Everything around me seemed to have stopped.

"My dear Ocean, you have succeeded in your destiny-"

"GIVE HER BACK. GIVE her back to me." I understood the Darkling's desperate attempts into getting the one he loved, back. The only one person that made sense. "Or take me with her." I pulled her closer to my body. Flashes of the last time she nearly died assailed me.

"My child, you are mistaken. I am not here to take anyone away. The purgatory has been sealed. Their souls have been trapped for eternity and my sister has severed the connection of the hellhounds to purgatory. There are no path way to purgatory anymore. So, I am here to return what I took for your mate." From one of the smoky tendrils, a shape began to form. 

A wolf. My mate's beautiful light grey wolf. It wasn't in a solid form and I could see right through it. I couldn't believe in my wildest dreams

"I couldn't let her die. You guys were so close I couldn't let it go to vein, I couldn't let your sacrifice of staying away from her for so long go to waste. You deserve to be happy. So, I didn't allow him to kill her this time. I severed her ties to the supernatural world, hence I took her wolf away."


"Because he can feel the veil thinning every time I'm near, feeding you two memories. But he can't feel the veil if the connection is with a human but I've been taking care of you two every time you were on this side of the veil, my connection with both of you is too strong even without her wolf.

"Therefore, the coma wasn't really a coma, I took her out and showed her everything she needed to know without alerting the Darkling. In her previous lives, she wasn't strong enough for the memories. She knows a lot now so the information didn't kill her. She was able to survive the pressure without her wolf. You have a fighter for a mate."

I knew that already. I was just stupid enough to ignore it. She was my life, my sole purpose of living. If she wasn't alive, I didn't want to live myself.

"Thank you my child, for everything you have done for the world. We apologise for inflicting you two such pain over the years. You will not get visions anymore, there is no need. You live your life. Be happy my child."

The wolf trotted towards me, it's grey eyes so bright it tugged at my heart. She was big, an Alpha wolf that belonged to my mate. The smoky tongue licked my chin, an wolfly smile stretched across her transparent lips. Something settled in me. A flare of hope ignited from the bottom of my stomach. Exhaling a sigh of relief, I calmed down.

"Leave everything else on us now, be aware, a war is yet to come. Protect your own and leave everything to us."

"I don't care as long as they don't breach my walls." I scoffed. I was done with this shit.

"Very well then." She finished.

I turned my focus towards my mate, ignoring her comment about war. I didn't care about any war. As long as it didn't come behind the walls, I didn't care anymore. Her body absorbed the wolf, green light shone from her pores. 

The light above me started to lessen and then in a second, it was gone like the spirit was never there. I was the only one to witness -what the humans called- a miracle.

The lights coming from her body seeped inside her. Suddenly, I heard car doors slam, my name being called by various voices. I was going to murder someone if she went under for another two weeks. I felt Aaron's comforting hand shaking my shoulder, asking me what the fuck was wrong. I just needed her to wake up.

"Burn their hearts." I pointed at the two red organs lying next to their body. The blood on our hands started to dry. It smeared on out clothes but still, I picked up her limp body-

She chocked.

I sagged back down in relief. "Oh dear goddess!"

She got on her hands and knees coughing profusely. A.J. lifted the hearts on the tomb stone, Joshua finally made an appearance. One of my Enforcers, ran back from the car with gasoline and a lighter in his hands. I rubbed Naya's back, forcing her to sit down.

"You're okay. The spirit gave you your wolf back. Just sit back and relax." She was jittery and shaking. Turning her head, she looked like she wanted to hit me. My lips couldn't help but lift on one side. She was crawling next to two dead bodies, one charred and one with an open whole. "Fine."

I picked her up, started to walk away when the fire growled, woods crackled under flames.

"Burn the bodies too." I mentally contacted Aaron. I needed their body incinerated because I couldn't have their remains on earth, just in case.

I opened the Tahoe door, laid her down sideways across the back seats. The fire grew as the bodies were added on top of the flat stone. Naya was burning up, her body overheating, shivers raked down her body.

"Baby, you need to shift." I cooed in her ear. "Stop fighting it, accept it. Be the wolf you really are."

She nodded, tried to crawl out herself but her shaky hands couldn't hold her slight weight. Picking her up, I dropped her on her feet near the woods by the large gates but I couldn't let her go. Couldn't stop touching her. Her bones started to crack and I felt every single one of them. Aaron sneaked up behind me, grabbed me by my shoulders to steady me.

Naya screamed and I felt her pain. Her sides were constricting, her legs and arms bent back to readjust to her wolf form. She was transforming from the beginning again and I didn't know what to do. I got on my knees trying to hold her together but my own body felt like it was breaking. I had no strength left in my body.

It took her a while to change but when she finally did, soft green light emanated from her fur. Like her wolf was being reborn again. I could feel my wolf rise from within me. 

A wounded soul finally being resurrected. I found my mate all over again. The bond and the connection rekindled. The force or our reconnected knocked me back.

I felt whole again, felt her presence at the back of my mind. Like she was in my pack, in my soul. My wolf felt alive but the connection was fully completed. 

I was whole again. All the times I was far from her when she was in danger, nearly killed me not being able to contact her. However, when her wolf was being taken, she managed to telepathically communicate with me. 

It probably was because the spirits were so close, taking her wolf away for safe keep. It allowed her to override the natural bond and tap into our century's long spiritual connection.

Now, I could speak to her whenever I wanted.

Ocean. She was in my mind. I heard her soft voice. Her wolf panted, fur coat shook and stretched to fit her body.

Naya, can you hear me. I replied. I wondered if she could hear me.

Yes, I can. She confirmed. My body jerked into action with joy. I grabbed for her, making sure she was steady and not in any more pain.

"Naya, you're okay. Just breathe." She laid out on the ground from pure excretion. I remembered my first shift. My dad had to carry my back home, still in wolf form. She stuck her tongue out and heaved.

"Do you think you can shift back?" She growled and I got my answer. It felt remarkable to have her back. I ran my fingers through her thick fur, massaging the tight muscles under her skin. She made a couple purring noises, relaxing under my touch. Feeling our connection, she shuffled towards me, finding some comfort in me. It felt nice to be needed.

What's happening? She asked.

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